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1-800-392-4029 - Has anyone dealt with this agency?

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i recieved a letter in the mail today from accounts receivable technologies regarding a balance of $6,864.75 due to platinum b services. THE LOAN WAS FOR $200.00. I knew ellis crosby had this account and I'm really not sure what to make of this! Has anyone dealt with this agency? I'm going to request a debt validation because this is simply outrageous. I even called them today and was on hold for over 15 minutes, then I hung up with out ever speaking to someone. Anything anyone knows would be helpful. thanks.

First Credit Services rips people off for a living, period end of story.

Do not give them any of your personal checking information or your credit card information.

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Platinum B called me today and called me a "liar" and a "thief." The idiot told me that they are filing an affidavit with my payroll department and are having the money garnished from my wages. The can't do that.

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Please understand wage garnishment is not that much easy. Creditors should win a judgment against you before garnishing your wage. However, if you have signed a voluntary wage assignment, then they can try to withhold a portion of your salary. But in most of the cases, the wage assignment is not done legally. A digital signature is not enough here. Both the parties should sign the paper, otherwise it is invalid. gal.html

So please confirm if you have signed any wage assignment or not. You can cancel this agreement if you wish. Please check this link- t.html

Another thing, they cannot use abusive languages while talking to you. File your complaint with FTC, BBB or state AG's office.

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Like Neal above, I've been getting the same strange messages for the past week & I finally called then out of frustration asking who they were. The operator said she needed the number I was calling, which I gave her & then she asked me for my number which I refused to give until she would let me know who I was calling. She got indignant and I hung up furious. I am on a 'do not call' list also. I'm sending complaints regarding these calls to the the Attorney General & the FCC.

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I just filed a complaint with the BBB and found out the company attached to 732-726-5692 is;

Business ID: 221-0001004349
First Credit Services Inc.
1 Woodbridge Center, Suite 410
Woodbridge, NJ 07095

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wow. i have never been treated so rudely by anyone calling ME on my personal cell phone in my entire life. i asked for the name of the business and the man with a thick jersey accent hung up on me. I called back and asked again, this time the same man answered and told me the name of the business was FCS - he wouldn't tell me anything else except that they represent over 30 companies. i was then transfered to "Fran" the manager of said rude man, "Mr. Rubin." She also refused to tell me what her business does, was extremely rude, and told me i was "wasting her time" and hung-up on me after i told her i would be filing a complaint with the BBB. i will also be calling the a.g. office.

here is the website i found for the business:
firstcreditonline dot com

where they claim to be:
"First Credit Services, Inc. is the #1 Collection Agency for the Health & Fitness Industry, and has specialized in collections for the health club industry since 1993. FCS is the preferred agency by most major franchise organizations because their highly acclaimed 2Phase Accounts Receivable Management Program has proven to be the easiest, most effective, and cost efficient way to manage receivables and keep members paying on time and in the gym. Clubs can utilize their program with a push of a few simple keystrokes on their existing software, as they are interfaced with and recommended by all major club management software systems."

has anyone had any success getting these people to stop calling?

j. :shock:

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Do not give them any of your information. The business you work with will call you and send you notification in writing. They are nothing but bull!

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I receive calls from this same company, however, I have yet to return a phone call. Thanks for the information on this site, because I will continue to ignore their calls. Someone mentioned recording the conversations in one post, if you decide to go that route, do so carefully. I am not sure if it is illegal in every state, but in Maryland, it is illegal to record ANYONE without their consent. You may get yourself in some trouble should you decide to record the conversation.

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I received calls from 732-726-5692 two days in a roll now.The Funny thing is the phone number that they called is a brand new number we just got 3 days ago, not even my mother knows my new number yet, but they got it right the way. Interesting. :D

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so, is this place for real or not? Are they actually trying to collect real debts?

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