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I went out today, came back to a message on my answering machine. It was automated and it said my husbands name. They gave me a phone number to call and a number to reference. They didn't say who they were, so I called the number back. I got an answering machine. It identified the number as being 'Professional Credit management, Inc.". I hung us, as I just wanted to see who they were.
I was wondering if this is a collection agency or people that help you with your financial problems? As far as I know, I haven't dealt with them or know what they want. anyone here know? thanks, shirley

I am concerned because i have been served more papers about medical bills I had asumed that this matter was reso lved in court on 4/8/2008.Could you let me know why it is necessary for another court day? thank you drlsa watson this is my mothers email [email][/email]< /div>

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Welcome to the forum Delsa.
If you could give us some more details on your situation we may be able to help you get to the bottom of this.

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i went to northwest medical back in 03, they never filed with the insurance and it was reported to PC. they sent us letters, however i figured the insurance would take care of it, we went to buy a house a few weeks ago and we got our credit report, guess who showed up, anyway, i called them and they notified me that yes it was still with them, but no one has made contact with us since 04. we owed them 196.00, it is too late to go to the insurance company, they won't pay because it was so long ago. so we paid them, they were supposed to process the check today 08/07/08 as i got paid today, well , they processed it yesterday, putting our account in the negative. i called them and they did say they would return the 17.43 charge that my bank charges for all overdrafts. my question, how does that effect us buying a house when they pull that info it is going to show that we overdrafted within the last month, grr

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professional credit management, a name hiding the fact that this is a collection agency,that works for the devil! They will use the law to garnish your wages,put liens on your property,literally taking the food out of your families mouth,they smile,and seem friendly as they are putting the knife in your back.I suggest everyone fight them with a lawyer-have the lawyer find out who the debt was with,and go pay that company you originally owed.They may be friendly on the outside,but,they are ice cold on the inside.They need to be put out of business,avoid them like the plague,tell everyone you know-warn them!!! My husband did.

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This company will hold on to small bills that you have forgotten about and sue you in court for additional charges such as attorneys' fee and court cost. If they sue you for a $50 doctor's bill, in the end, you will be paying $240. There is nothing you can do about it either. It's unethical. Marshall & Owens P.A. law firm out of Arkansas represents this collection agency. Also, if you pay anything on a bill and skip a month, they got you!!! This is how the lawyers and this collection agency make their money. It's not right at all but it's legal. So, call these crooks and make payment arrangement; keep the arrangements and pay each and every month. If you fail to pay a month, you will receive a certified letter, to let you know you have been sued for the balance of $50; plus $120 attorney's fee, and $70 court cost or whatever they beat honest, struggling people out of. They are crooks for real; hiding behind a law firm that is crooked also.

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I have an old bill (debt) with Professional Credit Management. I contacted them in Dec of 2009 and we set up a payment plan. They were wonderful! The young lady I deal with is ALWAYS polite, and will call you back if you have to leave a message. It feels good to deal with people who are caring and understanding. HATS OFF TO THEM!

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It's good to note that you had a good experience while working with Professional Credit Management. Thanks for sharing your experience :-)

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