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RJM Acquisitions LLC - What do consumers say about them?

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Has anyone ever had any experiences with RJM Acquisitions LLC NY? I received a letter in the mail from this company about three weeks ago about a fingerhut account that I had 5 years ago (or more).


If there was no settlement at all, you need not file 1099C application. However, what was the exact difference between the actual debt and that you paid them?

If there was no cancelled debt, they cannot claim $834 also. You can dispute this with RJM. You can send letters to them to get more help. Search for their address with BBB.

If nothing is of any avail, consider contacting professional tax advisor.

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stanley stanley

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I just got off the phone w/ a Ms.Ilene Keagan who has informed me that my account was a settlement. I informed her that I still have all correspondence which stated nothing of the sort. She said that the Fed. government made it a requirement in Oct 2005 that all debts over 600 that were forgiven must be claimed. So it wasn't their fault, it was a requirement of the govt. I asked her about the taped conversation which has me agreeing to the Double Credit and she stated that she is not privy to those. I told her that i never recieved any information about my account's ending balance at time of close, any information stating that my account had been settled, nothing and her response was to reiterate the no fault, govt. requirement thing and that i should speak w/ my financial consultant

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The fact they stated about 1099 C is correct. The question is whether you case falls under this or not. If some portion of your debt was discharged, then only you become eligible for 10099 C. So you have to check it first.

You can indeed consult a financial advisor or tax advisor for this purpose. Keep us posted.

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stanley stanley

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Well I spoke w/ my financial advisor and he informed me of the same thing. Basically that since some of my debt was discharged then I have to claim it via the 1099C. He also stated that RJM mislead me in their Double Credit Offer and that i would have a good legal case against them. However that would be for me to determine since it is only in the 800 dollar range.

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You have done it right by consulting your Financial Advisor Sophia. The suggestions offered by your advisor are appreciable. You can follow it. Also ask your advisor what should be beneficial for you at this stage. Keep us posted as well :D

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stanley stanley

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I'm in the middle of financing a new home. Now my mortgage broker is telling me the lender needs to raise my interest rate and closing costs because my credit score has plummetted from 750 to 650!!! Why? Because of RJM Acquisitions! They are collecting for One Spirit Book Club, whom I've never made a purchase. I've been living at the same address for almost 5 yrs now and have NEVER received a bill from One Spirit or RJM. But they have report collection to Equifax and Transunion this month with a collection date of 11/05!! How is this possible?! I've dispute this collection with Equifax and Transunion through their websites. Whoop-de-doo. They have a month to investigate while I'm struggling with the effects of what they have done to me right now!! How can these people do this?! Where are our rights as consumers?! I've had a clean credit history up to this point, and it took just one crook to screw it all up. I'm so dissapointed and if they don't take this collection off my credit, I'm going to talk to a lawyer. I may just do that anyway. I hope other victims have and are doing the same. We need to shut these people down. If anyone has comments or advice, please post. I would love to hear them.

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I just received something from RJM Acquisitions in the mail as well and they are now showing on my credit report as a collection item. It is an account from over 5 yeras ago... how do I fight this and get them off my credit?

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I am attempting to purchase a new home and just found out that RJM has reported a $128 collection item from a company I did business with over 5 yeras ago. I haven't called them yet, I just found this out today, so I have been searching online and only finding BAD news about them. Any feedback from someone disputing the charges and not just offering to pay with RJM is saying is owed?

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Hi chasejk

Check the date you last made the payment on this account. Perhaps, it might be out of the SOL period. You must know the laws in your state before considering the SOL factor.

RJM acquisitions must have the details of your account. Ask them to send it in writing so that you can review it thoroughly. If they have reported inaccurately in your file, the item must be removed from your file. If the debt is within the SOL period, work out payment arrangements and get it marked as "paid collections"

Don't pay anything till you have review the account in writing. The name of the creditor should be evident for whom they are collecting along with calculation of the principal amount and the interest charges. Besides, check whether the debt is within the SOL before making any commitment. Send your letter certified with return receipt requested. You will have proof of your actions.

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john john

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I just got a copy of my credit report and i found this company RJM Acquisitions has viewed my report for the past 7 months, each month for a total of 7. i do have a couple of bad credits on this report that are to be removed the first of the month. the lady for this company was rude when i was asking questions, refused to connect me to a manager. can a company keep passing an account back-n- forward or sell it to one of there other companies if the account was to be taked off the credit report thank you

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