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RJM Acquisitions LLC - What do consumers say about them?

Submitted by Rhonda28 on Thu, 09/01/2005 - 21:59
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Has anyone ever had any experiences with RJM Acquisitions LLC NY? I received a letter in the mail from this company about three weeks ago about a fingerhut account that I had 5 years ago (or more).

My 17 yr old and they want me to pay $87.35 for a bookclub membership from 4 years ago. When I was 13 I didnt even know my SSN. Without my SSN, how can they put something on my credit? Plus, in SC the SOL is 3years.

Obviously RJM Acquisitions is a Fraud if they're trying to collect debt from minors. Since I've read everyone comments; they wont get 1/2 a penny from me!!

Submitted by on Wed, 02/17/2010 - 12:54

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Is there a 5 or 7 yr end of collecting period for checksystems, or is being caught up in checksystems a lifetime sentence??

RJM has bought a 'debt' - is this a case of a debt collector harrasing or is it a serious proble? Never have had problems with banks before but thanks to these mergers weird things are going on.

thank you anyone for your help on this.

Submitted by on Mon, 02/22/2010 - 18:09

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Who is the issuing bank with this card? What is the open balace once the balance is cleared? What will be the credit limit? What will be the interest rate?

Submitted by on Tue, 03/02/2010 - 15:22

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I was contacted by RJM about an alleged debt from 1984 with Ann Taylor. I contacted Ann Taylor's corporate office and after much research, they said there was no record of me ever having an account with them, (which I already knew.)
My credit rating is in the high 700's and there is no listing from Ann Taylor or RJM. How convenient they have no web address.
I am going to ignore this bogus summons until such time when they escalate their scam.

Submitted by on Wed, 03/10/2010 - 11:19

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When you sent my confirmation email, all I got was an error message that said this; ( Please re-send, I need a record of this transaction). Thanks......Steve

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Submitted by on Wed, 03/17/2010 - 15:10

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I am currently in a payment plan with RJM for a closed account. Out of all the collection agencies I've dealt with, RJM is the best. If you have a debt with them, they are willing to help you set up a payment plan that suits your budget. I haven't missed a payment yet so I am not sure what would happen if I did, but like I said, they set up a plan that suits you.

Submitted by on Sun, 03/28/2010 - 10:00

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:confused:Well right nowim paying payments to RJM from a bank account from 4 yrs ago. Yet my ex said he paid the entire thing off. so They do like to play games. and be bs'ers.

Submitted by on Sun, 05/02/2010 - 12:35

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Hi Theresa,

If your ex had paid off the debt, there's no reason why you'd still be making payments to RJM. Does he have any document to prove that the debt has been paid off? If he does have one, send a letter to RJM along with this proof and ask them to not contact you further for the debt. If the debt is paid off and they still come after you to collect it, you can file a complaint against them with the FTC.

Submitted by Good Nelly on Mon, 05/03/2010 - 00:54

Good Nelly

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[QUOTE=Rhonda28;10544]Has anyone ever had any experiences with RJM Acquisitions LLC NY? I received a letter in the mail from this company about three weeks ago about a fingerhut account that I had 5 years ago (or more).[/QUOTE]
I just called to settle on an old bank account. They immediately took 30% off the total amount (I probably could have gotten them lower) and agreed to remove it completely from my credit report (something NCO flat out refused to do). They also agreed to mail and email me before I made the payment so I would have it in writing that they would remove it from my credit report. The girl (Melissa) I spoke to was very friendly (also VERY unlike NCO!) and helpful. Absolutely the easiest experience I've ever had with a collection agency.

Submitted by on Tue, 07/06/2010 - 11:11

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
Just received in the mail a notice from this outfit informing of a past due account with THE GOOD COOK BOOK CLUB (Jan 2003). I have never heard of this company and have no cook books in my home from them.
The bill is for commitment charges for books not purchased. It looks to like a scam. I am forwarding this bill to the state Attorney General's office for verification

Something similar happened to me, except that it appeared on my credit monitoring service. When I contacted RJM ACQ LLC, they said they would remove the account. I'm waiting to see what happends.

Submitted by on Mon, 08/16/2010 - 19:58

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RJM Acquisitions reported to the credit bureaus that owed $250 to Compass Bank for a checking account. I've never had a checking account with Compass. I did have a savings though and while the account did become over drawn, I did pay the fees then I closed the account. If you receive a report from RJM Acquisitions, be sure to ask for proof of debt. By federal law they are required to send you valid information of the debt. Also, dispute the report with the a credit bureau, if they find the information to be inaccurate they will be required to send a notification to the other credit bureaus and to any one who as inquired your credit report in the past 6 months. Be sure file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission as well (

Submitted by on Tue, 11/09/2010 - 19:24

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I live in NJ and I receive mailings from the Syosset, NY office. I love RJM, seriously, as much as you can love a collection agency. I don't work for the company or anything, but I did have :pa good experience. I'm just finishing up a bill and they always send me reminders on time and the options are great, I just send 12 bucks a month the main thing I love is that I send money orders and they always send a paid envelope, I think that is lovely sometimes thats the main thing to keep me from sending off a payment. Call me crazy but go RJM! Granted the balance was actually mine and it was less than $200 so other people may have different experiences.

Submitted by on Thu, 12/09/2010 - 06:53

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iF ANYONE HAD ANY COMMON SENSE THEY WOULD SEARCH OUT THESE CREDITORS THEY ARE MONEY BLOODSUCKERS they can't collect a debt that has been filled in bankruptcy .just ingore them they will go away if not turn them in to better business bureau. make a log of calls and make copies of all mail you recieve from them how can they help you get better credit you have to do that your self you got your self in debt now work to get yourself out

Submitted by on Fri, 01/07/2011 - 16:00

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Please note, I am in no way employed, contracted, or otherwise beneficially associated with RJM.
The past few years have been rough on me, much like many people. I get quite a few calls everyday from Debt Collectors using the same old hard sale tactics, and I'll tell you now, those companies are last on the list to be paid, if they ever do. I recently received a few letters from RJM about debts going as far back as 2000, from 3 banks, Wachovia, Wells Fargo, and Compass. I am well aware of all the debts. Apparently, they have owned these accounts for several years, but not once have they tried to call me. They only sent out periodic letters (Which until now, went to old addresses) with offers of settlement.
Did a little research, and decided to call them up. The agent I spoke to (Otis) was American (huge plus in my book), friendly, and talkative heh. Thanks to their business practices, I have already paid off 1 of the debts, and have monthly installments of only $35/month to pay the others.
In addition, they removed the credit bureau reporting on the 1 I paid immediately, and are showing positive payments on the other one (The wachovia account is too old to list on credit), and have promised to delete it completely if I want when its paid.
If all debt companies did business like RJM, the debt collection industry would be in MUCH better shape, and more people would pay off their old debts.

Submitted by on Thu, 01/13/2011 - 06:49

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I got a letter from them saying that i owe 88.00,but they will settle for 26.oo on a crossings book club. I have never received the first book from this company ever. I do not know how they can claim that someone owes a debt that is not real.

Submitted by on Thu, 01/27/2011 - 03:45

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Yes I read the posts but I keep getting letters from this place. And some one told me that they ask to settle account but the amount of money has something to do with your income tax, that the debt would be something that u have to pay in, Lord knows no one needs this in this time.. And this might be for instance a 10 yr debt, that was taken care of, why are u still bothering. Something suspicious about this.

Submitted by on Thu, 02/24/2011 - 19:41

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We got a letter from RJM LLC, stating we owed them $3257.25. It was a bill from my deceased father-in-law who has been dead for 20 years. They said they would take our name off their mailing list. They have a mailing list??? They wouldn't tell us what the bill was for either.

Submitted by on Thu, 03/03/2011 - 07:47

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yes of people to try and scam out of money.if they try to continue to collect this sue them.go to and find a consumer attorney in your area.i don't believe that for a second.they are unscrupulous and have no morals whatsoever.they knew this was a zombie debt and still sent a about sick.

Submitted by paulmergel on Thu, 03/03/2011 - 10:28


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They were beyond the statute of limitations so they couldn't do anything to you if they were as old as you say. They fall off of your credit report after seven years so they couldn't relist these legally. this is Zombie debt. If they report this to the credit bureas immediately dispute it!. Ask for debt validation.Never ever pay a collection agency past the statute of limitations. All you've done is "re-age" the debt and placed it back on your credit report for seven years.

Submitted by on Mon, 03/07/2011 - 12:12

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Got a letter from this company saying I owe $176 for books. Problem number 1 was that the bill had my first name, someone else's last name and then my last name. Problem number 2 was the previous address that I never lived at. When I called them they said the account was opened by someone with the same first name and the last name listed on the bill. I got the bill because I had the same first name and lived in the vicinity of this person. REALLY? They said they would close the account but anything that shows on my credit will have to be taken care of with the reporting agencies. Overall: not happy.

Submitted by on Tue, 03/08/2011 - 16:02

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I received a letter today from them saying I owed Wells Fargo Bank for overdraft fees. It was sent to my name at my new address because I just moved into a new apartment a few weeks back. Theres a few problems though: 1. I have never had a Wells Fargo bank account, ive had the same bank since I was 16 when I started working, and 2. they provided the first 4 of the SS# thats associated with that account and its nothing close to my SS#. I hope when I call tomorrow, I can get it resolved.

Submitted by on Wed, 03/09/2011 - 20:59

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I just received a notice from RJM about a Fingerhut bill I was suppose to have from 1995
for a kitchen play set. There are two things wrong with this bill.
2. I DO NOT HAVE A DAUGHTER and my sons' were adults at the time this order was suppose to have been made.

Talk about a rip off. Trying to get me to pay for something I never heard of.

Submitted by on Thu, 03/10/2011 - 18:48

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What the Mess! Messing up my Credit Report. They charged me 83.00 on my Credit Report for an account they say was opened in late 2006 in PA. My moms moved to PA and not me and that was in 2007. What the Mess! I called them and they said they're going to close the account as a courtesy and it should be taking off my report in like 30-45 days. SCAMMERS...

Submitted by on Fri, 03/25/2011 - 09:28

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They contacted me about a overdrawn Wells Fargo account I never had. I emailed [email][/email] and basically said I don't know what this is about and to provide me some documentation so I can provide it to the authorities. I received a form response saying to consider the matter resolved. I ate up one of my free credit reports checking to see if the debt was on my report. It wasn't.
They are hoping you pay without asking any questions.

Submitted by on Mon, 05/02/2011 - 10:49

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This is obviously a fraud I never had an account with this company or any other. I have not had any kind of credit for the past 16 years. I intend to contact the legal authorities to check into ID theft and collection fraud. I pay cash for all my purchases.

Submitted by on Wed, 06/01/2011 - 10:15

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When I pulled my credit report last week I found that I had a collection on it from RJM for books from Black Expressions that totaled $195. When I disputed this with the credit bureaus I got a bill in the mail (don't know where they were going before they got my updated address) from RJM saying they knew I was disputing the bill and they answered the bureaus accordingly.?. I called them on the phone and told them I had not ordered any books and was not paying them a dime! According to the bill these books were supposedly ordered in 2003. They would not give, send, or fax me any information about the account. They finally agreed to close the account and claimed it would be removed from my credit report but would not send me anything in writing. I guess we will know when I pull my credit report in a month. I say go down fighting! If you don't owe something why would you pay it? :confused:

Submitted by on Thu, 06/09/2011 - 15:51

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So I spoke to this super nice guy Leon. Explained to him that although I disputed this debt long ago it has been a thorn in my side. Rather than dealing with TD Bank for hours, I'd rather just pay the settlement offer they sent me. (cheaper than stress and losing time from work!) After chatting for a few mintues explaining I am in the process of buying a house, and though this debt will age out in a year, I wish it would just disappear. He tells me, if I pay it in full today (the settlement), he will have it deleted from my bureaus. Yes, I know this can be done, my mortgage banker told me to try to negotiate this solution. I tell him, would you like my credit card number? He says no, give me your email address, I will send you a letter stating what I just told you and then, after you review the letter, call me back and I'll take your card number, that way you have verification of what we just discussed! WOW! I am impressed. Maybe they are an honest company. Letter/email just came and it says exactly that. The account will be "settled in full" and "per my request, RJM Acquisitions will have their reporting of my account deleted from TransUnion and Equifax reports". I just think if you owe a debt and a company is calling to collect it, people should pay, or pay what they can, until it's paid off. You received a service/merchandise, isn't not paying similar to shoplifting? Good luck dealing with them. Maybe everyone should talk to Leon. If you're reading this Leon... thank you! :D

Submitted by on Tue, 06/21/2011 - 15:14

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How they got her current information is beyond me but they sent letters trying to collect a 'debt' that was not only way beyond the Statute of Limitations, the incident was resolved WHEN it happened. My sister was the victim of identity theft when her car was broken into and a book of checks was stolen. She did EVERYTHING to correct and protect her account, including reporting to police, canceling her bank account, and writing letters to every business that accepted her checks from the thief - along with a copy of the police report. The bank did not hold her liable for the theft or the fraudulently cashed checks. Over 10 years later, this letter comes in the mail to our mom's house where my sister lives. Neither of them are very savvy, but my mom did call the RJM and was threatened with a warrant for my sister's arrest if the debt wasn't paid in full. My mom, bless her dim-lightbulb heart, didn't realize that only the POLICE can issue a warrant, so she PAID IT!! grrrrrrrrr..... So, I have NOTHING nice to say about this company who succeeded in harrassing, threatening, and intimidating a couple of elderly ladies into giving them money that WASN'T OWED!! :mad:

Submitted by on Mon, 07/04/2011 - 16:25

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I have had an outstanding debt with a bank for almost 5 years now. The balance was $700.00. Rjm bought my account and offered a settlement of $560 (which is 20% off) , I called and told them i wanted to settle and not have monthly payments, but could not afford the 560. They offered to settle for $350! Very pleased!!! Thats half of my original debt. I know alot of people have had a bad experience with this company but i feel that they were willing to work with me. After all, you are the one with the debt (assuming that its accurate info) therefore you should repay it to get this taken off your credit. Def worth my time paying!!!:lol:

Submitted by on Fri, 05/11/2012 - 08:15

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paying a JDB on a debt that depending on your state could have been past SOLgood for you:rolleyes::rolleyes:.btw did you get anything in writing on this?i'm guessing not.seeing as a majority of people on here posted the exact oppesite as far as experiences go.i will either chock yours up as the exception,or you are a shill as your comment about debt smacks of shill.i for one never pay a voice over the phone without something in writing,but hey that's just me.

Submitted by paulmergel on Fri, 05/11/2012 - 09:08


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