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RJM Acquisitions LLC - What do consumers say about them?

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Has anyone ever had any experiences with RJM Acquisitions LLC NY? I received a letter in the mail from this company about three weeks ago about a fingerhut account that I had 5 years ago (or more).

in 1976, my mother used my ss# and same initials to gain credit as hers was in the toilet. i was born in 1965. i have tried numerous times to have her 1976 credit accts removed, but since the initials are the same and it has lingered for so many decades, the companies are having a difficult time believing me. she has maintained good credit but the d.i.r. has now jeopardized my rating. i do not talk to her due to issues such as this one - there are others! so, what can i do?

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rjm acquisitions has appeared on my experian acct. i have rec'd offeres in the mail for fingerhut, which upon reading previous emails above, appears to be a connection, but i do not do business with mail orders precisely for these kinds of reasons. so, i wonder why they are my report? the address is the same as others: 575 underhill blvd, suite 2, syosset, ny 11791 800-541-0824 any advise? i don't want to call them only to be caller id'd and then initiate numerous calls in return.

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I received a 11 year old finger hut bill, that I am sure I never had for $151.00. How do I stop this company from getting on my credit report.

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I just applied for a credit card, I had a credit line that held a rating 800+, but not no more. This unknown to me company put on my credit report that I owe them 200 for Venus Book Club, I never heard of this club.I red flagged this w/Experian Credit Union and 24hrs later they said it remains on my credit report. This is so wrong. I owe them nothing!

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My credit report shows that I owe approximately $194.00. Can this be paid on-line? Need to get this cleared ASAP!

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from the postings listed here, it seems I am not the only one who has a bogus book club charge from this company! Kind of makes one wonder if they are ligitimate at all...

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RJM treats is's tmporary workers like crap.

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just got one of those reports,also looking to buy.they have the correct info,but are saying they will give us stuff,three opportunities to pay being 40%off original dept? whats up? pat

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I just received a letter from RJM, too. They say they took over Fingerhut's account. I have not bought anything from them in YEAR's and paid them off. RJM is not on my credit report, because I just checked it. I am going to call Fingerhut directly and get down to the bottom of this. I see alot of bad things on the internet about this company.

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PLEASE! DO NOT ACCEPT ANY GIFTS OR CREDIT CARD OFFERS,OR ANYTHING FROM "ANY" collection agency! These agencies specialize in buying old debts, or debts that are past the statue of limitations! Before you do anything, PLEASE check the Statue Of Limitation or SOL, which is the time period that a creditor, or collection agency is given by the government to be abled to "legally" collect on a debt by way of suing, garnishment, etc!, for your particular state as each state differs!These folks are trying to get you to either pay money, or agree, in writing, to pay money so that if it's an old debt, say 6 years or longer since it's gone into default,then they offer to "HELP" you repair your credit by offering you a credit card, a gift, in order to bait you into making any type of payment, even a penny, or agreeing in writing to a payment plan, then, they can "re-age", or renew the debt, thus making the debt current, within the statute of limitation, and thus legally collectible! NEVER admit to the debt!, DO NOT CALL THEM ON THE PHONE!!!, this is due to the fact that if they can get to talk to you, they are good as laying guilt trips on you, scaring you,making false promises to you, or manipulating your current emotional state to their benefit! All you must do is write them a letter disputing the charge within 30 days of receipt! Make them provide you with all validating information about the charge,, and if desired, request that they not contact you again unless they are providing information concerning further action on their behalf!

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