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RJM Acquisitions LLC - What do consumers say about them?

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Has anyone ever had any experiences with RJM Acquisitions LLC NY? I received a letter in the mail from this company about three weeks ago about a fingerhut account that I had 5 years ago (or more).

They say they will remove it, only to have the debt show up again some years down the road. Please do your homework when it comes to debt collectors and required them to do what is required of them under the law. Also paying off an old debt does not guarantee that another company won't try to collect from you later. Been there, done that

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Look I just got this letter in the mail and it says i owe them 231.16? I have never heard of this company or "finger hut" This looks and sounds like a scam but also might be legit. I have to check this out at work 2morow.

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I call them predatory lenders, they gave me a card when my credit really sucked, with an outrageous intrest rate. I think when they participate in activity like this they deserve what they get.

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fedupinpa fedupinpa

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You are definitely correct BDW as they love doing that! Let's say they say that the face value of the debt that they've bought is for $2000! What they will do is try to get you to settle with "them" for $700 or so lump sum, or, get you to agree, in writing, to a payment plan, thus having you think that they are such "swell people" by giving you such a break that it would be a sin to not go for such a bargain!LOL! They get the $700 from you,thus re-aging the debt if it was out of statue of limitations, having you think that it's now "SETTLED" and will be taken off of your credit, hey, they promised right?LOL, legally, it can stay on your report for 7 more years now that it's seen as a "current" debt by them re-aging it report wise, then, they go and sell the debt to another agency,whereby they are "NOT" legally obligated to tell you that they have sold your supposed debt to another agency, and they "LEGALLY" come after you for the $1300 that's still left on the debt! These agencies talk to each other, and often are sponsored by each other! If they can get someone to pay, that person then becomes one of their "PIGEONS", or, an easy mark for lots of agencies to continually buy, and sell the debt, keep comming after you over and over again for as long as they want!, especially if the statute hasn't run out yet! I have known them to try to collect on debts that were almost 40 years old! You have to know your rights!, so, you will be abled to legally give these bums a left hook, and an uppercut!LOL!

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Give it to them with knowledge, most of them don't even care to do the job.

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fedupinpa fedupinpa

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I just received my chapter 7 discharge on March 12, 2007. In a notice dated March 30, 2007 RJM acquisitions informed me they are my new creitor. It's a $110 bill from Fingerhut and shows the last payment received was January 31, 1996.
I've never ordered a thing from Fingerhut. I also saw on my report that was included in my bankruptcy tha RJM had 2 book clubs listed as in collections.

#1 The debt is over 11 years old.
#2 I filed bankruptcy and am protected from creditors coming out of the woodwork with old debt like this.
#3 It's ELEVEN years old!

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I think they are bogus and PLEASE! DONT GET CAUGHT UP.

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RJM Acquision put a 6 year old debt collection which my wife has file bankrupcy and was settle on my credit report to enable Randy Aurich mortgage direct inc to get away with the 6% interest rate he offered me in writing. they work together to rip people off.

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The SOL has probably run. Also, if this debt was discharged in bankruptcy, it would mean a great deal of trouble for RJM. I would consult with an attorney. By reading posts here, I can see that RJM is also fond of trying to collect in states in which it is not licensed.

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Law Student Law Student

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Does anyone know what the statute of limitations is for debt collection? I just got one from them for $600+ for something I ordered from fingerhut back in 1997!! I moved out of the country in 1994...what kind of crap is that?

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