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experience with Christian Debt Consolidators

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I am considering using Christian Debt Consolidators to negotiate my credit card debt. I discovered they are part fo American Debt Foundation. Any experience with either of these companies would be greatly appreciated.

I am sorry! Haven't heard about them.

You may search for the company feedbacks with your local bureaus and the dept of finance in your state. I am sure there will be feedbacks with your local AG too.

How did you find their quote? Have you compared it with other companies?

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Flying Cats Flying Cats

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I used Christian Debt Consolidators to resolve my debt, they worked hand in hand With American Debt Foundation and we were out of debt within 2 years.We did recieve call from the creditors but they explained that was normal on a settlement program I woulld reccomend the service to anybody wanting to negotiate on their balances.

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Dave, please do extensive research on this company. Start with google and do a search for "Christian Debt Consolidators" using quotes. A lot of companies throw the word Christian in their title, when their business practices are far from Christian. (There is even a Christian Payday Loan company that charges about 700% interest!) This company might be ok, but research, research, research and compare them with others out there.

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polly polly

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I agree Polly. Always check out a company you are considering doing business with. I have seen companies that were " Christian " that scammed people and shut down. I did check out Christian Debt Consolidators and they are members of the BBB.

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mobile0311 mobile0311
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I am also considering using this company. They are on the BBB, but there is one complaint on but the complaint sounds a little crazy.

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I had an awful experience with Christian Debt Consolidators. I called for a quote and wanted to move forward with them even though their quote seemed a bit high. However, I started a new job and had to get licensed and trained for my new job, so I put off the application process for a couple of weeks.

Joseph Miller emailed and called me to say that they were going to take money out of my account even though I never signed the application, asked them to proceed nor gave them my authorization. He also called me a jerk and had no care about my time frame or my needs.

I doubt they are Christian and give the Christianity faith a bad name. Just because he ends every email with God Bless - they do not treat others how they would like to be treated.

After this whole bad experience, I am very weary of dealing with such a company and will have to find another one.

Or we can always do it on our own.
Good luck to you!

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Many firms with "Christian" in their name also advertise that they are non-profit. Ask them to provide proof of IRS approval as a non profit corp. So far, non of these companies could do it. It's just another way to lull you into a false sense of security.

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