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A couple of months ago I received a letter from one of my debt collectors. I opened up this credit card years ago from a furniture company (who is now closed and bankrupt). So anyway I believe this letter was from Jefferson Capital Systems...basically all it said was that if i paid 3 minimum payments of $113 i'd "qualify" to transfer the balance i owe onto a credit card with zero interest AND they'd give me a special credit offer. I thought it was a GREAT offer being that i wasn't able to afford to pay the whole amount off right away i signed up for it....i got my first statement to pay the first of the three "payments to qualify" but now i'm feeling iffy about the whole thing...and think it might be a scam... I've tried doing some research on the company but can't really find anything on it... I would really like to pay off my debt, but i can't afford to pay all at once, i don't qualify for a loan my credit is awful because of past mistakes! what do i do now? has anyone heard of the "fresh start solution program" that Jefferson Capital Systems offer?

these creaps are knocking at my door....I'm not going to answer so they can try to serve me...hahahahaha

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
these creaps are knocking at my door....I'm not going to answer so they can try to serve me...hahahahaha

I am a process server... they will stake out your property and then return the papers as if you were served. Watch out.

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yeah they are trying to hit me with someone who has the same name as myself for a debt that NO ONE seems to know anything about??????????????????????????????? I have my lawyer looking into it and YES THEY ARE A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE GOING TOP PROSECUTE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who the hell do they think they are????? good luck everyone they are going DOWN.................................................................

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I just received a letter a few days ago also related to Tribute card. I also owe a debt to Tribute, however I had already contacted the company regarding my debt and that I am not able to pay it all at this time. Do I need to worry about this letter from Jefferson Capitol? Should I do as suggested and contact them in writing about already being in contact with the original company?

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If Tribute has sold off your account to Jefferson Capitol, then you will have to deal with them. You ask Jefferson to validate the debt. If they validate the debt, then you can negotiate with them for a payment plan in order to pay off the dues. However, you can even contact the original creditor and request them to withdraw the account from collections so that you can directly negotiate with the creditor and pay them off.

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Anna Sweeting Anna Sweeting

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Well i can say this for a fact i got the same letter that you said you got and i got it and I've had the Card for about 2yrs now So it's not a scam!!;)

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Hi! my debt is six or seven years old and it was with FIRST USA and i got a collection notice from two collection agencies . one in 2009 and one in 2010. the first one says on behalf of jefferson capital systems then original creditor FIRST USA. but the collection agency is NARS. I would like to try and pay it but to who? and i dont trust the name jefferson capital systems being on the slip.

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