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I have read many posts here that say that they were sent letters being sued after signing up with a settlement company! I am hoping to do this on my own, bt not I am afraid that I will end up worse off than I already it possible truthfully to settle on my own without getting sued? Please help!

Are you dealing with the OC's or CA's? Here's some tips to negotiate with CA's: gotiate.html

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Hi! I'm still dealing with OC's at this point. We are just beginning this process. We are about to hit the 90 day mark with a couple of the cards. I am going to try for the first time to settle with a card this week. I have written down some points to remember during the conversation, but if you have anything you feel is a must, please let me know! Thanks for the link. I will check it out!

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I know we did not start getting settlement offers until after 90 days. They will usually start calling you and telling you that your account is about to be charged off or something like that. I know, everyone's situation is different. We have 22 creditors between my husband and I and that has been our case so far. For instance one of my creditors was the same card my husband had. He got a settlement offer and I got sent straight to collections. There is no guarantee you wont get sued if you do it on your own or with a company. I stopped paying my cards Dec '07. Good luck! I think it is great you are doing it on your own.

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Thanks. I don't feel so great about it but it's what we need to do to move forward. I keep telling myself that. We are struggling so much to keep our head above water. Any info on what to do it I do get sued? What can they do?

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I am curious about one thing, when you settle on your own like this, do you have to have the money up front or will the OC negotiate a new payment plan like you get with a DS company? Do you have the money available to settle now?

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My understanding is that if I am settling on my own, I need to have the money available now. We do have some available to settle with one or two cards now so we are going to try to to that.

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