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Just settled last 2 Chase accounts, total Bal 23K settled at .196%....:D

Our offer stayed the same through the entire process. They threw all kinds of verbal hurdles in the way: "Not eligible for settlement, no way we can go that low, this account should be send to litigation, you're just trying to pay as little as possible etc...It doesn't make sense to offer more than you can come up with when you're trying to settle multiple cards, you run the risk of running out completely. Keep in mind the better settlements help pay off the smaller accounts with the savings...

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maggie22 maggie22

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Originally Posted by maggie22
It was direct with Chase, right around 180 days...Started with a % 15 and stuck with that...They actually will try to make it work when you're closer to charge off, especially at or near the end of the month...

Congrats on your settlement with Chase, great job. How late were you when they started making settlement offers? I've read where some ppl get offers at 30 days late; while others don't get any until 120+ with the best offers coming right before charge off.

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