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My loan has finally been written off by United Cash Loans!

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Here is the email I received from United Cash Loans regarding the $220.00 extra that they wanted.


RE: Account# 257806

Mr. Vandergriff,

Due to the cost and time spent on this account, we feel we have and will expend far more than any funds due, although United Cash has met all the terms and conditions of the agreement. Further the funds were deposited into and accepted by your banking institution for your use, and very little has been received in repayment for these funds. However, we do not wish to waste any more of our valuable time and resources on this matter. Any future correspondence on this matter will not be necessary. Your loan will be written off as a loss, and your account marked as do not loan.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


Compliance Department


They said they have also been trying to contact me over the last few months. NO! They have been ignoring me until last week. LIARS is right.

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Would it be possible for me to have that letter as well. So far I've paid them $700 on a $200 loan and they still want 200 from me to consider it paid in full. Help, they're calling me at home, calling me at work, they say they have a voice recording of me accepting this loan but won't play it for me. I started to apply and then didn't want it, but I couldn't cancel...when they sent the money my bank account was in the negative so of course it looks like I accepted it. Thanks to this site I have a place to start. I called in a dispute with my bank but am not sure how that will turn out.

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mut.asheru mut.asheru

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You will get some sample letters sent to payday lenders on claiming for a refund when you have paid excessive charges.

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What email did you guys use to send stuff to them? Also WHERE are they located???

Sub: #54 posted on Mon, 11/13/2006 - 09:16

kota101 kota101

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I guess I'm a little behind. Congratulations, Tammy. That is GREAT NEWS! You've got the POWER! (lol).

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dbaker6 dbaker6

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I paid my loan off and I have been receiving calls from "supposedly an attorney Gary Brown in LAX" stating that I better paid my loan are they were going to put me in jail and then they called my can I get rid of these thieves...I check their number and it shows unknown

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I need the fax number for United Cash Loans

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
I need the fax number for United Cash Loans

Fax: 888- 570-9772

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Shazzers Shazzers
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