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Now awhile ago I posted a topic about a call I received from pre-litigations from 866-900-7694. Now today I get a call from a different lady form the same number 866-900-7694 and now she is telling me it's Bass & Associates. Seriously what is wrong with these people.
One day I get a call from a woman telling me to reach her at two 904 numbers. She then tells me she is from prelitigations/interstate wire compliance. Then the next day she calls and leaves the 866-900-7694 number to call her back on. Then today they are Bass & Associates with the same number. They proceeded to tell me i committed fraud and the papers are in the process of downloading and I will be picked up on site. She asked me if I had ever been picked up on site before. Not to mention I heard a few chuckles in the background. She told me they were going to be faxing papers over to my employers. The best part is she even gave me a case number.

Send a cease and desist to their mailing address. That's the only way you can legally stop these CAs from calling you further. I assume these companies have not validated the debt in writing yet. They are bound by federal laws to give you this information.

Don't get scared if they are trying to intimidate you. Take your stronger side and report them to the SAG office about their illegal collection practices.

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i knew this wasnt true, but she sounded so professional until i made her mad. then she went on about how she was going to have me processed under some martha stewart act that probably dosent even exist. it is a shame she does this to people, she really scared me. she told me that i owed over 800$, so i paid it, and didnt pay my rent. now i dont know what i am going to do. what can i legally do about this? ellis crosby and associates, or who ever you are- you should feel ashamed of yourself.

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How and when did you send the money? Was it by moneygram and did you give them the code to receive it yet. What city did they give you to put on the money gram. If I were you I would file a complaint with the ftc and the attorney generals office right away. I can't believe these people haven't been shut down yet. I have an attorney now so anymore phone calls I get he will defiantly be notified.

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i got a call also from them. i had a call from shawn braxtin. he said he was from the interstate wire burea or something, and then he called two days later and said he was from base and associates. he is very unintelligent and dosent know anything about the law. you would think they would have loan collectors that have some kind of sense. he told me that i owed a restitution amount of around 500$. he even gave me a tenative case number and said i did some kind of fraud. i didnt pay him anything thank god. hang up the phone on these people. they have to be stopped.

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I called FSM Processing, FTR Processing and Platinum B Services to find out what collection agency has my account. They all gave me the same number to call which was 866-854-1024 and the name of this place was Icollect. So I called this place and said I have three past due accounts and I need some information on them. (if you call this number, you must have the date your account was sent to them). She told me that they (as in Icollect) now own the accounts and that they are the ones who send them to collections. She told me the name of the collection agency that has all three of my accounts was Bass Enterprises. She gave me the number of a guy name sonny Patterson at 866-899-5921. (He did not answer) She also gave me the number of the Compliance manager named Philip Hensen and his number is 904-233-7111. I called the number 866-900-7694 to see if I could get an address and she didn't want to give it to me unless I gave her my name. I didn't want to give her my name because I didn't feel like her looking up my information and then proceed to tell me she was downloading info and that I was about to be arrested, so I just hung up on her lying, giving me a fake name tail.
Now when this place was calling me last week, they were calling themselves Bass & Associates. The week prior to that they were interstate compliance/prelitigation. FYI - Icollect would not give me their address either.

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I recently dealt w/ Bass and Associates and I did not have a problem paying off the debt that I owed because I knew that I had recieved Platinum B Services funds and never repayed them back. In reality, once they do prove that you were in posession of the funds you can get in trouble within due time. Just pay off your debts when you're supposed to and you will not have these type of problems.

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am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. I recently dealt with Bass and Associates and they were very helpful. I knew that I had recieved a pay day loan and had defaulted on the payments. When they contacted me they were not only pleasant but they assisted me with settling my debt. I dont know why everybody has such a problem. The bottom line is that when you default on loans you cannot expect nothing to happen. These companies have the right to retrieve their funds. I was very happy with my experience with Bass and Associate.

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The truth is i did take the money and spent it gladly. So when i received the call i paid what i agrred to pay: my original loan, the interest, and also the nsf fees. I know that i agreed to that in the contract so i must pay. Instaed of making excuses as to why i didnt pay it or what they said and did wrong i paid my debt. My suggestion to everyone is to be honest with themselves about what is right and that is to pay your debt and not make up reason why not to. "to thine own self be true."

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Joe Lawman - is that you???

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