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A family member just received a call saying that I am being investigated for check fraud. First of all, I don't write checks for anything but paying my rent so I know that is a lie. Second, I would NEVER write bad checks! Most of my family is in banking and I have accounts with their banks so that definitely would not look good. I had the family member call the number back and it said it was for District Restitution Services. I have tried to search for more information on this company to no avail. Does anyone have any information or has anyone even heard of this company? The number that called was 888-900-3120.

Thanks in advance for your help!

District Restitution Services is a Canada collection company. They scam American by trippling the amount of the collection which would be unlawful in the US. They dont abide by state consumer laws because they dont have to there located in Canada. There actually located in Fremont Nebraska as one of the collectors forgot to block his caller ID. His name is Weston Chrismon 402-620-6851. This is a illegal operation as there not paying US taxes but are collecting in the US. Having money wired to a bank in New York called PMI and breaking all kinds of laws. SAD.

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My sister got a call from them looking for me they stated "CHECK FRAUD" and they were going to go forward with pressing charges and have me served. I called them back they couldn't give me much info but had enough personal info to shake me up a bit. I was unaware of this payday loan and didn't recall taking one out. They told me even if it was fraud I had to pay it or I would be served and could face check fraud charges. I asked for a supervisor and he answered Officer Duncan., officer so now the police dept. gets involved? I was treated like Sh*t and when I was asking them to verify the personal info used to get the loan they got defensive and couldn't provide me with it.

I ended up paying them but it didn't sit well with me. I did a lot of research and contacted the payday loan company they stated sold them the debt. I was told this debt was not sold to them and that this was a scam. I was connected to a consumer fraud dept and was able to file a report with them and also filed a police report. Needless to say I called my bank to stop payment.

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