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LVNV Funding LLC: What to do if you find them on your credit report

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I noticed on my credit report that there is a company called LVNV Funding LLC for $3195. The address and phone number are PO Box 10584, Greenville SC 29603-0584 and the LVNV Funding LLC phone number listed is 866-464-1183.

When I enter the lvnv funding phone number, (866) 464-1183 on the BBB website, it comes up with a Houston, TX address.

Has anyone dealt with this company? Have you heard of lvnv funding complaints?


Tell me more about the statutes thing and where I can find them [color=red]Email removed as per forum rules-Mike[/color]

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I recently recieved a debt letter from capital mgmt. services (working for lvnv funding. i was told that they have started to file against me in the county where i live. I am on disability income only and I need to know if there is a way to find out how to be in court on the day they attempt to get a judgement against me. Also, if I pay $10.00 per month, will that change the statue of limitations on filing a judgment against me? i was told they can sieze my accounts if i ever go back to work.

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If you make even a small payment towards the debt account, the SOL will be renewed from the beginning. Did the company validate the debt account they are collecting for? It must be in writing giving out the complete details of your original creditors and the payments done in the past. It must be in writing as mentioned in the fdcpa.

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anthony anthony

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Ihave recived a letter that say I owe what!

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Don't fall into the catch of the collection agency. You don't know if the debt that has been put in front of you is at all legitimate. Ask the CA to validate the account in writing. It must give you the complete information about the debt you owe. Read the FTC website stressing on the need to validate the account before you pay anything to the CA.

https://www.ft bt-collection-practices-act-text#809

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I sent in the death certificate and now i neeed the total so that i can pay it all

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Here's a follow up letter being sent to LVNV. If they don't comply, They're going to be sued.

LVNV Funding LLC
P.O. Box 10584
Greenville, SC 29603

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this as a follow up to a letter I received from you on 7/15/06 in response to the letter that I sent your company via certified mail on 7/3/06. While I appreciate the return letter you sent me, it still doesn't rectify the problem here. Your letter has failed to validate anything to me. As stated in my previous letter along with numerous recorded conversations that I've had with your customer service representatives, this account is reporting completely wrong and I don't believe that it was mine. It's reporting completely and blatantly inaccurate and has caused me a great deal of stress due to being declined credit and a home equity loan because of your purposeful and erroneous reporting. If I don't receive confirmation within fifteen days that you've deleted this tradeline from all three Credit Bureaus, I'll have no choice but to report this incident to the FTC, BBB, and Attorney General in both my State of Texas along with the State AG of South Carolina. In case you're not aware, section 1681s-2(b) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act creates a cause of action for a consumer against a furnisher of erroneous credit information (Nelson v. Chase Manhattan).

I honestly feel that I've exhausted every possible option in rectifying this situation with LVNV. The next step will be through my legal counsel as I will spare no expense in order to rectify this situation. There's a total of at least nine violations on my credit report from your company alone. This is the last letter that I'm going to send to LVNV, the next one will be through my attorney along with his demands. You have 15 days from receipt of this letter to send me a confirmed deletion from all three credit bureaus. If I receive this confirmation within 15 days, no further action will be taken against LVNV. If I don't receive confirmation, I will report LVNV to both Attorney Generals, along with the BBB and FTC. I will also be filing a lawsuit in Hidalgo County, Texas for the numerous violations.

I look forward to a timely and amicable resolution to this matter.

Sincerely yours,

my name and address

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I had a account charge-off in 2001. LVNV purchased this debt, I noticed they are adding interest fees and reporting the debt as a factoring account and also they list I am late 120 days and on top of that, they list that the account was opened by me in 6/2003 when in fact the account was opened in 9/1999. What can I do to get them straight. I wanted to pay the account but I was told it would not help my credit score. I don't mind accurate facts being reported but inaccurate made up intentional lies--I will not stand for that. Someone please help. I live in Texas and I am not a deadbeat, I just ran into some hard times about 6 years ago and couldn't afford to pay the account. Thanks and any comments will be appreciated.

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I Hate LVNV-Way to go-let me know what happens.LVNV bought my Sears debt that was opened in 1982 and nothing charged on it for 10+ years,the only problem is,we were stupid and have been paying Sears for all these years,probably thousands and thousands in interest,finance,etc. I repeatedly tried to work out payments,just got verbally abuse. Also,they have not validated my debt as the ones who are authorized or anything. I,too,sent a follow up letter to inquire about the DV letter,but no response. Theyalso broke numerous fdcpa reg.,which I pointed out to the in my follow up letter-good luck :D ...Karen

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Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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Carol, dispute the item with the credit bureau. They will pull information from the original company as well as from the CA and update your credit file with correct information. Since this account took place long time back, you should also check the SOL of the state where this account was opened. It seems that by changing the date of reporting, LVNV has tried to re-age the accounts. This is illegal as per the FCRA laws. If you are able to prove out with your facts, you can file a legal case against the company and compensate you for the damage. Try dealing with the original company also for getting the original facts.

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