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Midland Credit Management - Has anyone been ripped off?

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is the midland credit management collection agency

Hi Guest, first of all stop yelling at the forums. Writing all in caps is strictly against the manners of forum posting.

I agree that many among us earn their living by working at the collection agencies and what they have to do is for their job's sakes. You many be in particular an honest guy and deal with the customers with respect, but, however, its impossible to ignore all these complains those you may find across these forums against the CAs.

I would rather expect you to help out the people in problem with your firm other than shouting in its favor. If you can get these problems fixed, things will fall into place automatically. Good Luck!!

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tweetyturner tweetyturner

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Demand in writing that any debt colector validate the debt by producing copies of the signed original loan or credit card applications. Zombie debt collectors prowl the credit bureaus and resurrect old charged off debts they do no own and offer you to settle at half the total or less. Every dime is 100% profit and will not go to the original debt holder and will not change your credit score. Beware the zombies!

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i've recently sent all of my creditors, including mcm payment settlements should i have sent the payments along with a certified mail receipt?

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I am a victim of credit fraud. Midland as shown up on my credit report. What can I do about this?

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This company, MCM, has been calling - no letters - and harrassing us for several months, sometimes as early as 8am, always asking to speak to (our son). The caller, a "Nathan J*nes" (who is NOT a native English speaker) was rude and/or hung up when I asked for more information. Finally, today I asked his name, his phone number (called ID is "unavailable") and to speak to his supervisor. Our son is under the age of 21 and Mr. J*nes vehemently demanded I prove it. I asked repeatedly to speak to his supervisor to which he insisted I did not need to do so.....eventually a man by the name of "John Smith" (also not a native English speaker but at least pleasant) identified himself as a supervisor.

Come to find out, they wanted our son's biological father, a man who has *never* been at this address or phone number and whom we have not seen in fifteen years. I reiterated that if J*nes had been less rude and more professional, this matter would've been cleared months ago. Allegedly our number will be removed from their records, but in the light of so much harassment and aggravation, I believe I shall start writing letters concerning this company's unprofessionalism.

Sounds as if our son needs to check his fledgling credit report (which should be perfect!) and make sure these idiots haven't 'mistakenly' tainted it with their short-sighted zeal.

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I came home last Saturday to find a business card of a process server with a note to call to arrange a delivery. I called the number and the guy said I was being served a judgment from Midland Credit Management for FNCB. FNCB was paid several years ago after they filed bankruptcy in 2003. I never received a statement from them after they sent the notice that credit card would no longer be valid after the date they named in the notice. So I paid online as long as the website worked. I have never received any correspondence from MCM prior to this contact on a judgment being filed against me. Can I still send them a validation letter? I haven't received the service of process yet, the process server is supposed to come back later in this week, so I have no idea what the judgment states yet. Has anyone else run into this situation with Midland Credit Management?

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This company is like leaches. They come out of no wear can hard to get off except if you burn them. I have them on my credit too. I sent DV letter, I got a letter back from them saying/. Please call so we can resolve this matter and help you with paying the debt, bla ,bla ,bla. I want to send them another DV letter but I have to wait until the 30 days are up. What the point of sending the 3rd letter to them if they have not sent you the proof and account info of the debt on the second certified letter. After I send the second letter can I send the 3rd letter to the Bureau to get them removed?

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CplusE2ent CplusE2ent

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I recieved an offer from another credit company for my son's account that was overdue and it was a good offer and I paid it. That was over a month ago and I never recieved anymore statements. Now all of a sudden mcm is calling every morning for three days now wanting to talk to my son and when I tell them that he is not here they hang up before telling me anything else. This morning I got more information out of them and they said that it was regarding a bill for his cell phone and I said I paid that bill with another collection company. They said they never got it and that the statues of limitation were up and that I had one hour to make up my mind to accept their offer. In a panic I paid them by credit card check over the phone. They wouldn't let me send them a check. I know I've now paid for this bill twice. I'm hoping this is the end of it. I never knew that the same bill could end up in two different collection agencies and that they could both collect on it.

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I think you should not of paid them. You should not have to pay for the same bill twice. I'm no expert and i know one will answer this soon, but that does not seem right.

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CplusE2ent CplusE2ent

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Mcm called and said that july 31 is the statute of limitations for the bill they are trying to collect. This bill is like 10 or 12 years old. I have not reicieved any bill for this bill or any communications till this last week. Then they are calling every morning and now they are telling me that I have 1 and a half hours to except their offer, and that I have to pay them via the phone right now. I asked them to send me a bill for this ammount and that I would semd them a check and they said they couldn't do that because them it would be past the statute of limitations. I can't believe that the statute of limitaions has been for so many years. I feel I am being highly pressured to pay this bill without having a statement for my proof.
Please answer me as soon as possible.
Desperate. Also, after the statute of limitations is past, can they still come after my bank accounts or anything.

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