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Midland Credit Management - Has anyone been ripped off?

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is the midland credit management collection agency

Oh wow, thank you.

So if they send us a letter back and for some crazy strange reason they can validate it (which you say they 99% wont) and he wishes to pay he will have to get an agreement to settle letter that says they will HAVE to mark the thing as PIF on his credit report.

Then if we do pay them, they can still sell the debt? I just kind of want this thing off of my husbands report- would the best course of action be to contact verizon and see who they sold the debt to and go through that long train to get it settled there? Though I'm sure it'll wind back up at MCM.

Sorry if I'm not understand things.

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Oh! By the way, what address do I send the DV to? Their main headquarters at:

8875 Aero Dr #200
San Diego, CA 92123

or the address where the original letter came from, which is a pennsylvania address?

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what did they send?if it is with there letterhead then that is not must be something from the original creditor.if it is then still get it in writing for a PIF when paid.check what they sent you first.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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All we got from them, for lack of a better term- is a bill.

It's their company insiginia on top with an address in pensylvania on the top, but says nothing about how they picked up the debt. It basically states that:


Midland Credit Management Inc., understands a one-size payment plan doesnt fit everyone's needs. Special offers are now available to help you resolve your unnpaid VERIZON WIRELESS account. Select one of the three options below and get closer to having one less thing to worry about:

Then they give us 3 options. And say our first payment due date is the 7th of Feb.

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they validated nothing.they need to provide something from the original creditor.if they bought the debt.THAT'S TOO BAD.they still have to provide that to properly validate the debt.they didn't validate the your letter and let them know that is not good enough.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Well thing is this is the very first thing we've EVER gotten from them. The bill JUST showed up in the mail yesterday, I havent even sent them a DV letter in the first place. When I do send one that'll be my first one. But my question now is where do I send it? To the address of their main branch that I posted before, the one in san diego? Or to the address where this was sent from. Or heck, the address they want us to send payment to which is in Los Angeles? :|

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which address was on the bill?i would send it there and to the address they want payment as well.start there,then if needed send it to the other addresses.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I've already made them severla payment of over $200. Stupid me i should have researched them first! But now I am having difficulties paying them and cancelled my checks. Now they are saying they are going to turn me over to a lawyer.

Is it too late to due as advised here and send them letters of validation?

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included in a bankruptcy in 1992! I informed them that since they have access to my credit report that they are aware that this account was discharged as an unsecured debt and they had no legal rights to try to collect on it...nor did they have a right to contact me about this or any other account included in my bankruptcy. SOL was up in 1998 in my state and 10 yrs later they want to collect they're vultures and if I hear from them again I will hire an attorney.

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I used to have 2 accounts that were turned over to them. One they contacted me for and I started to pay then about 3 months later when I setup another payment they told me it was for a different account now when I asked what happen to the first one I was paying on they said it was sold to another company. After a few months of going back and forth with them never really knowing which account I was paying on I finally filed a complaint with the FTC and my state. They started to send me letters for payments signed from "Cease and Detest" which I felt was kind of funny it appears they have since sold that account to another CC also. Now its just a matter of time to figure out who has it now.

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allogagan allogagan

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