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Midland Credit Management - Has anyone been ripped off?

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is the midland credit management collection agency

I believe if the SOL has past then they have no claim to try to collect. If they sue you, you can use that as your defense.

IF the SOL is due to expire on July 31, don't do anything. I believe they are pressuring you to pay BEFORE the SOL runs out for THEIR benefit, not yours!

Besides, I wouldn't pay any one a dime before they validate the debt.

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desperatelyseekingsanity desperatelyseekingsanity

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What is in a validation letter? MCM sent me a letter that has the signature of a cell phone company's Senior Manager that looks like it was phisically copied, cut, and pasted on an Arbitration claim. I'm not sure if I should pay MCM any money at all. I have until 8/06/08 to pay them. What should I do?

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it should have info on the arbitrator,contact them to see if that is sure doesn't sound like it is.if there is no info on the arbitrator,then it is a phony document.i would send
it and a complaint to your states AG and the FTC.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Midland C. Management is wanting debit card to secure payments and a payoff amount in the future; however, they will not send a letter of agreed payoff amount until agreed payoff is due, is this normal procedure?

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Stanley, please post more details in order for the forum to assist you.

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I have been rec'ing calls from MCM for the last month. My wife started asking them questions and as soon as she did, they would hang up. The bill they are trying to collect on is 10 years old. This morning when they called, she informed them we were going to the Attorney General and again, they hung up. We rec'd two more calls this afternoon. The last time, she said she was me and needed the street address to mail in the payment. They refused, said we could do it over the phone. She told them she would not make any payments over the phone and if they wanted their money, it would be delievered by certified mail. They then wanted her to verify who she was by giving them my SS# and birthdate. When she refused to give them that over the phone, they hung up. This is ridiculous and they shouldn't even be allowed to be a legal company. I have turned this over to my lawyer to handle.

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Just want to say thank you for the very helpful information of safety precautions. I received a call from MCM this morning and I know I owe debt to the company they mentioned. Instead of giving her my account info right away to clear this debt, I decided to take time to check them out first, came to your site and because of your helpful information decided to verify first that the company they say I owe is on my credit report and verify the summons letter they say they sent me before paying them any money. I must say, though the operator was eager to offer me several options of payments, she was very pleasant in doing so. Thank you.

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Look at all the paper work carefully they are known to use false documents

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I've read everyone's comments and talked to a friend about it online. My husband got a letter today from MCM that says they want money for some old verizon bill from like 6-7 years ago. Now to be fair my husband never did pay that bill off, he was a stupid teenager and I dont want to have to go through a long story so I'll leave it at that. My friend suggests ignoring them because if verizon wanted it paid they would have done it themselves and way sooner.

Now he was sure the bill was like 600+ dollars from verizon but MCM lists it at 538 (not including fees they will add on for nonpayment). They of course give him tons of options on paying, few installments here or just one large lump sum to never hear from them again! Oh but mind you, only if you pay via check or credit card! I dont plan on paying them; as from what I've read that doesnt even fix things half the time.
I'm sure, from looking at the comments, that this is already on his credit. But my friend says that if his credit was already splotched by Verizon the first time around and I shouldnt worry.

To be honest we're young and at a loss at what to do. Should we worry? Like I said obviously we wont pay but what do we do? It seems like just ignoring this isnt going to make it go away.. if they 'bought' this debt does that mean its open for another 7 years? ):

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