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I am a client of Sifxpert and have sung his praises all over. No more!

We signed on with James last September. He told us in February that he had settlements on Nat City and BoA, which was true. Amazingly enough, the payments have been made to make these settlements but we have had no word from him on any other account or anything else.

He convinced us to rearrange some credit/debt and we took $13000 out from one CC to use as "settlement money". That money will never be seen again. In addition to that, he drafted our account for $4000.00. We are lucky in that payments were made in our behalf of a little over $5000.00 but we still have the $13K that is now debt--and the money is gone.

Today, while digging through this mess, I printed the settlement letter from BoA that he had forwarded to us. Comparing that to our online account, I couldn't figure out why he was only paying $1250.00/month when the letter clearly called for $2000.00/month. Then I realized--he doctored the letter! They had actually settled for $5K but HE TOLD US that they had settled for $8K! To top that off, the last payment had been returned unpaid. How--if he still has $8300.00 of ours??

I called BoA to see if I made the last payment of $1250, if the settlement would stand. Luckily, it will. I am waiting for them to fax that to me so I can make payment arrangements on that last draft. They never mentioned that the payments should have been $2000 so I know I am right--they were only expecting $1250. He was skimming another $3000.00 from us there.

While on the phone, we also discussed a second BoA account that we have. The nice lady settled right then and there on that one for 20%. Sif had repeatedly told the world that he was the only one who was able to get 20% but she started her negotiations at 20%! Wanting to get this behind me and on with my life, I took it and will make arrangements for those payments as soon as that fax comes through as well.

If you are a client of his, know that you are on your own and had better come up with a new plan. If you are a past client, I bet you still got skinned in ways you'll never even know.

I would love to recover some of the money but probably never will. I just want this whole mess behind me.

I wonder what all I will find when I go calling my other companies. I will keep you posted.

I pray that James Lombardo or sifxpert or whatever he is calling himself these days isn`t really scamming people but if what everyone is saying is true you guys need to file complaints with the BBB , , FTC , Your state attorney general and California state attorney general asap. I have those links as my signature so you can get to them quickly. Please keep us informed

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mobile0311 mobile0311
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BoA faxed me the letters. I have arranged for the final payment on the one account--that settlement is done--and arranged the first two on the second account. Too bad it cost me so much in stupid tax.

And I was right. The new letter BoA faxed me was for a settlement of $5000, not $8000 like the letter he forwarded to us. What a ripoff artist.

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lisaawilliamson lisaawilliamson

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sorry about your experience lisa,i try not to judge too much,but
hearing from someone who backed him like you did hits hard.
i hope things work out for you lisa.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Hi Lisa...I too was with Sifxpert but had not given him any money except the $500 retainer fee. I have a question for you. With your Bank of American account, did it go to a collection agency? I have a BofA that I am 6 months past on and it is now with united recovery systems. I would like to settle with BofA directly. I haven't called them yet because it is a 20K account now and really don't have the money to settle. I just settled myself with one Chase card and Citibank. Just curious...thanks!

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No, our BoA didn't go to collections. I don't know if James had anything to do with that or not. He did settle one of them. Where he dropped the ball was making the last payment. Thankfully, they honored the agreement we had in writing already anyway and settled the other one for the same terms.
I know that is a pretty large balance for BoA. I don't know how they handle them if they have gone to collections.

I am getting ready to call Chase; I have to find out where we are on those. James had told me he had them agreed to settle but I have never seen any letters or anything. Since he's turned out to be a bust, I figured I better call and find out. I don't have money to settle right now but I have to see what's up with them.

Was Chase difficult to deal with?

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lisaawilliamson lisaawilliamson

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Not too bad. The first lady I spoke with wasn't as nice. She wanted it all in two payments. The next day I spoke with a man named Barry is was super nice. I took the 55% settlement and he set up 4 payments.

Citibank was super easy too. They set up payments for a year.

I waited too long on the other accounts BofA, AmEx, Discover and another Chase and they all have gone to collection agencies. I tried to get the other Chase account pulled back but they wouldn't do it and it just went on July 4th. I really am not looking forward to working with the collection agencies. I'm sending them DV letters and with CD except by mail. I just don't want to be sued!

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"I'm sending them DV letters and with CD except by mail."
Please explain..... DV letter and CD. The accounts he said he paid and didn't have gone to collections so I need to start working on them and don't really know where to start.
Appreciate any help!

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ok, I was with Sixfpert since December. He basically didn't settle anything because he never made the payments to the credit card companies. So, I called Chase and Citi today, and all accounts have charged off. I assume collection companies settle as well? Any help would be appreciated.

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I know! Do some reading on here and know what they can and can't do. They can't harrass you, call your family more than to get your contact information, call you at work if they know it isn't allowed or call at odd hours. KNOW your state laws so you can use them in your favor. Because some of them WILL break the law. Fire right back at them and they'll stop.

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lisaawilliamson lisaawilliamson

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A DV letter is a debt validation letter. CD is a cease and desist. Read this forum and you will learn tons. You have to make sure any debt someone is trying to collect from you is legally theirs to try and collect and debt that you really do owe.

Keep reading; you will find all kinds of information on this forum that will help.

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lisaawilliamson lisaawilliamson

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