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Joining is free and easy!

Joining our debt affiliate program is absolutely free of cost. Moreover, you need not have a website of your own. You can simply place a text link in your social networking profile or email signatures and refer visitors to our website.

Monitoring visitors you send us

Our affiliate system provides you with an affiliate control panel using which you can access your affiliate account to keep track of the number of visitors you send us. Apart from tracking visitors, you'll be able to check how many leads are getting converted, and get updated records on your earnings as well.

Why should you join debt consolidation affiliate program?

Debt Consolidation Care provides free debt consolidation for those who are looking for debt consolidation/debt settlement /debt management services. Our debt consolidation/debt settlement affiliate program is a web-based referral program.

Why you should join

  • It helps you make money online and maximize your income potential
  • It gives you a chance to direct your visitors to a community which has helped more than 540,000 members to pay off debt.
  • It gives you a scope to earn the the best competitive rate in the market for Leads along with attractive Client Acquisition Fee as Commission.
Note : Keep it in mind that it is applicable for the leads obtained through websites by advertising our affiliate code/banners only. Click here to know the Rate & Commission details. Note: Partners won't obtain any extra money for the Live Transfer leads sent through media such as phone call, TV, etc. To know more, please discuss the issue with your Affiliate Relationship Manager.

More about our debt consolidation affiliate program

Through our pay per lead debt consolidation affiliate program, you can send in debt consolidation, settlement and debt management leads from all over the US. We pay for leads from the US only.


Payment snapshots

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How to earn more through our Affiliate program

When you join the debt consolidation affiliate program (debt settlement affiliate program), we provide you with banners and text codes using which you can drive huge traffic to Debt Consolidation Care and earn maximum dollars.

While you become a part of our "Affiliate Program", here's what you can gain from earning through qualified lead:

Preferential pricing system as affiliate partner
You have the opportunity to earn a good amount as per the Bonus Payment Scheme. The more leads you send us, the more you earn as bonus. Then there are exciting gifts for those who can send us more than 1000 leads in a month.
Refer affiliates and earn even more
We have an Affiliate Referral Scheme under which we need you to encourage other businesses or webmasters to join our affiliate program. That is, you refer affiliates and earn 12.5% of your referred partner’s income. Know the details...

The key to earning the maximum through an affiliate program is to communicate to businesses, webmasters and those who're interested to promote their affiliate marketing business. The more you communicate and convey the benefits of our program, the more you'll earn and the faster your business will grow. So, whether you're a business owner, webmaster or a blogger, join our debt consolidation affiliate program (debt settlement affiliate program) and make money being an affiliate.


Whom to ask for help

There'll be a dedicated Relationship Manager to resolve your queries and guide you throughout the affiliate program. He'll make sure you make the most of our debt consolidation affiliate program. The contact details are given below

Contact details of Affiliate Manager

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Phone - 916-745-8160


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