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Faq on DebtCC affiliate program

Basics of affiliate program


Ans: We accept debt consolidation leads, settlement or debt negotiation leads (debt reduction leads) including credit card debt leads.

Ans: We try to establish contact with the visitors coming through the affiliate. Any contact who could be connected within 7 attempts via phone calls and willing to settle debt within our service area will be considered as a successful lead and be paid for. The person doesn't necessarily need to sign the contract.

Ans: Our pay per lead affiliate programs cover all states in the US except Vermont, Connecticut, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Ans: Please follow up with this page : How it works?

Ans: You need to login to your affiliate account and click on the "Reports" tab on the top. This report will show you the number of visitors you sent to Debt Consolidation Care. You can choose various predefined periods from there.


Yes, we do give preferential pricing to our affiliate partners who send us more than 100 qualified and exclusive debt leads in a month. We have introduced a new Bonus Payment Scheme for all the affiliates (w.e.f. October month). Under this scheme, affiliates can earn huge bonus on the amount of leads they send to Debt Consolidation Care. Those who can send more than 1000 exclusive debt leads will be rewarded with special gifts.

RankMonthly qualified debt leadsMonthly bonus
1Above 1000$ 1500
2700-999$ 1200
3400-699$ 800
4250-399$ 500
5150-249$ 300
6100-149$ 200

For example, if any affiliate client provides DebtCC with 1700 qualified leads in a month, then he/she falls under rank "1". According to our new "Bonus Payment Scheme", additional $1500 will be added to his monthly payment, so the figure might be like 1700 x Lead Cost (according to the debt amt) + $1500.

For further queries, please contact Samuel Sanders at samuel(at)

Ans: The leads (like debt consolidation leads, debt management leads, debt elimination lead or any type of debt leads) report gets updated in real time. The qualified and dead lead numbers are updated after every 7 days. We are working on our system so that these numbers get updated in real time as well.

Ans: Only "Can-Spam Act Compliant" email marketing is allowed.

Ans: Contacting DebtCC Affiliate Team is very easy. You can do either of the following:

  1. Email - Samuel Sanders at samuel(at) (Affiliate Manager)
  2. Call - Samuel Sanders at 916-745-8160
  3. Support Request - You can get access to support request only when you become our affiliate client. Access to support request will be available in your control panel.

Pay per lead affiliate system

  • DebtCC is the largest debt community in the world with over 545,500 members and 450,000 visitors per month as per May, 2016 Google Analytics. We are in this business for more than 15 years now. Read about us.
  • Our Affiliate system is highly secured. We'll keep all your personal information for contacting you during the process of payment. We'll never share your contact details with anyone else.
  • We believe in making fair and prompt payment to our affiliates.
  • We never resale the leads to more than one partner. We contact a debt relief lead 7 times before declaring it as a dead lead.

Ans: Any person from anywhere in the world can join our pay per lead affiliate programs. But we pay for debt relief leads (credit card debt leads and others) from US only (as of now).

Ans: Any website except adult, gambling, pharmaceutical or related sites can be a part of our pay per lead affiliate programs.

Ans: Yes. You can easily place a text link in your social networking profiles or your email signatures.

Ans: It is absolutely FREE!!

Ans: Yes. We do have an affiliate referral scheme. Whenever your referred partners receive any amount from us, then flat 12.5% of the total amount will be credited to your account. Suppose Mr. X is your referred partner. In a month, he claims $10000 from us. While processing this payment request, we will also credit $1250 to your a/c as Affiliate Referral Commission.

Ans: Yes. We do not accept leads coming from sites related to pornography, gambling and pharmaceutical related sites. We also reject incentivized leads.

Affiliate Payments


When it comes to commissions, we believe in rewarding our top-performing affiliates fairly. Our rates are competitive within the industry and based on the types of debt settlement services you help enroll clients in. While exact percentages may vary, our highest earners can typically earn commissions in the 20-25% range.

Join our affiliate program and you can start earning commissions by helping consumers regain control of their finances and achieve freedom from unmanageable, unsecured debts.

It's a straightforward process to sign up - just complete the online application or give our team a call. Well get you set up with the marketing resources, training, and partner portal access you need to succeed.

Lead Qualifying Factors

  • For regulatory reasons, we cannot accept leads from Colorado, Vermont, Connecticut, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin at this time.
  • Leads must be genuine and have the valid contact information—a real phone number and email address—and an expressed interest in resolving unsecured debts like credit cards, personal loans, etc. within our service area.
  • We thoroughly vet each lead to weed out any spam or bogus submissions. Our goal is to ensure every lead represents a potential customer seriously exploring debt settlement.

Ans: Click on "Request Payment" in the "Affiliate Cpanel", It will notify us regarding your request. We will process your payment within 3-4 business working days.

Ans: The mode of payment are check and wire transfer as per your preference. Checks can be sent to US addresses only (as of now).

Ans: Please follow 3 simple steps:
  1. Login to your "Affiliate Cpanel"
  2. click on "payment details"
  3. Request for payment
If your payment exceeds $100, you can claim it instantly.

Ans: You shall receive your payment within 3-4 business working days from the date of your request. Given below are the screenshots of few payments received by our partners:
affiliate payment snap

affiliate payment snap

Ans: Leads which have no phone number and email id. Leads looking for loans, credit repair etc. rather than debt settlement. Leads which have only secure debts where collateral is attached. As our process is online the lead should have computer, laptop etc. or any other similar mode of online communication.

Ans: Yes, you can only request wire transfer outside US only after approval from our accounts team. Charges if applicable for transfering outside US have to be paid by the partner.

Ans: An account which is in inactive mode/haven't send lead for more than one month without any information will get suspended due to security reasons. A reactivation request have to be sent at: for making the account active again.

Have any other query? Send us at samuel(at)