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Special Announcement: Ellis Crosby and Associates are not following fdcpa so if you are getting phone calls from their agents, please handle with care. Signup for free counseling and handle all problems associated with Ellis Crosby and Associates smoothly.

I had gotten some payday loans, and i was unable to repay them as quickly as the loan companys would like. The intrest rate is 600% or more!
Ellis and Crosby says they are lawyers ( when they are just a collection agency) and they have been threatning to pick me up within an hour, if i cant pay right away. ELLIS and Crosby thinks i am a HABITUAL offender because the loan comapnys are screwing me. But what they dont realize is that these loan companys are charging extra if you dont pay ontime. My orginal amount was $200, Ellis and Crosby racked it up to $560, just so they could file a suit aginst me. Its like they are doing it on purpose. GOOD THING I WORK FOR A LAWYER, and i have been informed. :roll:
Ellis and Crosby has threatned to make me loose my job, and talk to my boss about it. In texas they cannot garnish wages without a court order. And they have totally violated a law.

You can enroll yourself in a [URL=""]de bt consolidation program[/URL] with this company at the sign up page, let the consultant deal with your payday loan agency, and get this amount reduced by eliminating the financial and the late charges.

This is understood that this debt is to be paid but not to the extent the payday loan company demands...So the consultant will do professional negotiation for you and set a reduced payment plan.

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roxette roxette

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[quote=Anonymous]Well I could pay the $450 but surely not $1000, so what do I do about that?[/quote]

Well the best thing that I could recommend is that you try to consolidate that debt through a debt consolidation program. This program will negotiate with this creditor in order to lower the interest rate on this debt.

But I am really not sure how this $450 became $1000. So you have to check to see what kind of fees were tacked on. If they are late fees or collection fees, I don't know if consolidating will do much to bring it down from $1000.

So your best bet now is to call the collection agency and see if you can consolidate. If you feel that they are not giving you a straight answer, then call this consolidation company so they could serve as third party negotiator to reduce the interest on your debt.

The number is 877-No-debt-8.

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benjaminz6 benjaminz6
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Ellis Crosby called my job and left several message like I am some kind of criminal also they tacted are under handed stating they are lawyers and they are going to put me in jail, etc. Yes I did borrow money from the payday loan company but they screw up my account by trying to take out 600 extra that I never borrow and had me in all kind of debt with my bank. I live in NY and now they are threating to have me arrested because they saying I do not want to pay. This is not the case you cannot call anyone at 12:00 pm and tell them to have over a 1000 by 5:00 or you will go to jail. I am filing a complaint with my bbb because this is unexusable for them to act like this. I did not borrow half the money that they want.Is this fair in the state of NY? They called my office this am and threaten me again.

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Hi mjd

Definitely you should file a complaint against this company with the FTC as they have gone against the rules laid down as per the fdcpa laws

Sub: #14 posted on Fri, 06/24/2005 - 14:55

roxette roxette

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Crosby And Associates
Address: 4494 Southside Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32216
Phone: (904) 928-3536 :wink:

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I have the same situation, I received a phone call on Thursday the 23rd from Ellis Crosby, I called them back and informed them that I could do 150 that day, they insisted that I had to pay 200. So I went to moneygram the funds, and told him that I would probably be able to pay balance on 29th, I had a problem with my pay and won't be getting it now until the 5th, he told me too bad, it was set for the 29th, I said I haven't met a debt collection agency that wouldn't make a exception or arrangements, he rudely told me that he wasn't with collections, his job was to find me, and if it wasn't that important to me to just ignore it them... (how professional) then he hung up on... I must've struck a nerve, but now i'm concerned what happens, can he have me arrested... I Intend to pay it off I just need a few more days..

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I went thru FSM Processing..I got into a situation, and I couldnt pay them back..The loan i got was 200.00 and I couldnt afford to pay them back, due to being out of work..Today I get a call from an Investigator Valentine, and she tells me i have until 4pm today to get them 410.00 I dont have it..And she went into all these charges that I can get put against me for fraud and all these other things..I know I DID NOT commit fraud..I also know that when I talked to the people from FMS, they told me that the account would go to a collections agency..Now that i looked them up online, and read the things here I know they are just a collection agency..They use big words, and they sound very scarey...I just hope that they dont send anyone here to my job to get me..

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Same thing happened to me, Ellis can kiss it as far as im concerned. I hate them and im SURE they are about to hate me. If their job is to FIND you then why arnt they at your doorstep?
CONSUMERS: THEY CANT DO ANYTHING TO YOU AND THEY CANNOT PUT YOU IN JAIL, They used that fraud thing with me and everyone else who filed a complaint.

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I got a call from Ellis Crosby & Assc. on 04/06/2005 and they told me the same thing, that i had to send the money to them right now or they were going to court in 2 hours to sue me. I sent them the money $710.00 dollars on the condition they would send me the documentation that I owed the debt. I had payday loans and thought I had paid them all off. Well they never sent me the documentation and sent me a letter showing I paid off a debt and gave a file #, however when I called to get the rest of the documentation I gave them this file number and was told it belonged to someone else. Now they are calling me again saying I owe another debt. I sent them a letter telling them to send me proof first or I will not pay and due to the nature of the conversations with them the only contact should be by mail.

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Ellis and Crosby called my work. Gave me the impression I was going to be "picked up" immediately. I took my lunch to send them $660 via Money Gram and now they are telling me they need more.

I had a $300 payday loan and they are saying I owe $1025.

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