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Special Announcement: Ellis Crosby and Associates are not following fdcpa so if you are getting phone calls from their agents, please handle with care. Signup for free counseling and handle all problems associated with Ellis Crosby and Associates smoothly.

I had gotten some payday loans, and i was unable to repay them as quickly as the loan companys would like. The intrest rate is 600% or more!
Ellis and Crosby says they are lawyers ( when they are just a collection agency) and they have been threatning to pick me up within an hour, if i cant pay right away. ELLIS and Crosby thinks i am a HABITUAL offender because the loan comapnys are screwing me. But what they dont realize is that these loan companys are charging extra if you dont pay ontime. My orginal amount was $200, Ellis and Crosby racked it up to $560, just so they could file a suit aginst me. Its like they are doing it on purpose. GOOD THING I WORK FOR A LAWYER, and i have been informed. :roll:
Ellis and Crosby has threatned to make me loose my job, and talk to my boss about it. In texas they cannot garnish wages without a court order. And they have totally violated a law.

I suggest that you change your phone number! thats what i did. And i have not heard from them in almost a month, if i do ill be sure to tell them that Ive been advised of my legal rights and they can shove it. They have been suspended from Debt Collection by the ACA for 90 days but they are still calling around and bothering people. Sounds fishy. Just tell them you know better.

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Hi, I also went thru the ringer with Ellis and Crosby.

I did the unfortunate thing of taking out a total of 14 payday loans. After the extremly high fees charged, I could not pay all of the companies back on time. Two of my payday loans were sent to Ellis and Crosby. Someone by the name of J P Henson called me at 12:00 noon and said that if I did not send them $1,100.00 by 1:00 pm that day, someone from the District Attoney's office would come up to my job, arrest me and take me away in handcuffs in front of my co-workers, and then take me to jail. He proceeded to say that I could also be deported, I guess because I have an accent and my wages would be garnished. By the end of the conversation I was literally in tears. I did not have $1,100.00 so I sent him $25.00 which is all I could afford. After receiving the $25.00, he called me back to let me know that he would be sending the $25.00 back. I also asked if I could have a payment arrangement and he said no, and that they will be taking further action and he hung up. I am not sure what to do now, but perhaps I should be seeking legal counsel. Final note to anyone thinking about taking out a payday loan, DON't, this will send you into financial hell.

Worried in Pennsylvania.

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They cannot take you away in cuffs. And they cant harras you. I took out 13 payday loans and i cant pay anything to them. THey have since quit calling me, They arnt even lawyers. They are a Collection Agency. They have been suspended form making transactions but YET they are still trying to get money. I dont understand And something seems fishy :roll: Dont be worried because they cannot do anything to you.
What state do you live in? In texas they cant garnish and they cannot sue for money bc its a BANK. And banks cannot sue you in texas. The best way to find out whats legal is to call the District Attorney and ask. I would also ask about filing a suit aginst Ellis and Crosby, for threatning to DEPORT You, THAT IS TOTALY CROSSING THE LINE! You can sue big time.
Keep in touch

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Thanks Katie for the reassuring words.

I live in Pennsylvania. I also did a little research and found out that I can file a formal complaint with ACA International, Ethics Committee which Ellis, Crosby & Asso. is a member. This guy I dealt with violated all the rules of the Ethichs committee. I also reported them to the BBB. I plan on calling the DA's office. This guy caused me to suffer great anxiety. I am still a little shaken from that phone conversation.

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Dear Guest-
I agree he did cross the line! you have NO clue how many complaints Ive filed. I have filed one with ACA the BBB the Federal Trade Commison and the Texas Attorney General. It does get tiring, but if you know anyone else who has this problem please tell them to post their reposnses on FIGHTBACK.COM UNDER BANKS AND FINACIAL , AND REPORT THEM TO EVERYONE YOU CAN. They derserve to be gone. I wish there was a bug spray for them ELLIS BE GONE SPRAY

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[quote=mjd]Ellis Crosby called my job and left several message like I am some kind of criminal also they tacted are under handed stating they are lawyers and they are going to put me in jail, etc. Yes I did borrow money from the payday loan company but they screw up my account by trying to take out 600 extra that I never borrow and had me in all kind of debt with my bank. I live in NY and now they are threating to have me arrested because they saying I do not want to pay. This is not the case you cannot call anyone at 12:00 pm and tell them to have over a 1000 by 5:00 or you will go to jail. I am filing a complaint with my bbb because this is unexusable for them to act like this. I did not borrow half the money that they want.Is this fair in the state of NY? They called my office this am and threaten me again.[/quote]

Roxette is correct. These things they are doing are illegal. You need to document everything and call the FTC to report this company. FTC Help is 1-877-382-4357.

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kimb515 kimb515

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I read the posts in this thread and realize that Ellis Crosby is definitely crossing the line and they will be fined heavily.

I suggest all to record the telephonic conversations, save the mails if they correspond with you, lodge complaints at the FTC, state attorney general office etc. and take legal advice from the attorney with the evidences.

You all have stronger points to fight as membership of Ellis Crosby is suspended from June 1 for a period of 90 days and they can't make any claim during this period. Making claims and then causing harassments further adds to their illegal actions. You all are advised to lodge complaints and take preventive steps.

VictoriaWarren, please do not get worried as you are completely safe and your fearful action of sending them the money has given them a stronger point to bully you. Though they said, that they will return you the money, I presume they won't be doing that and additionally, they will make a fuss of it.

In the end, I suggest all of you to keep yourself away from payday loans. I see many taking 13, 14 and many more payday loans. Take payday loans only if you can manage to pay within the due date otherwise you are inviting yourself completely in troubles and misery.

I believed in offering a suggestion which might be of some value to all of you. Hope that you all won't take my words in a bad way.


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roxette roxette

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silverfreak4u silverfreak4u

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Ellis Crosby & Assoc called me at work and told me I being notified of felony charges filed against me as of 2:00pm today. A background check would be done on me. They stated I was guilty of fraud and an arrest warrent has been issued and I would be picked up at work. I asked who the lender was I did borrow $200.00 and could only pay the finance charges. I then needed to file bankruptcy and notified all my lenders. They told me bankruptcy laws do not protect me against fraud and I have committed a felony for passing bad checks and giving fraudulant bank information. I now needed to pay $515.17 by 3:00pm or I would be arrested. My attorney told me to ignore them. My employer called and told them to cease calling work, but when she called they didn't know who she was referring to.

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Your words are certianly not taken in a bad way. In hindsight I wish I had never learned about payday loans. These types of loans can clearly lead people into long term financial troubles.

Kind Regards,

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