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Has any one heard of legal mediation services in flordia or know anything about them they are threatening jail time for a payday loan

Is the the phone # 940-356-0887 they called me and said the same thing. I was being charged with bank fraud and something else. and I had until the next day to pay off the loans. When I called back they would not tell me who they were and were very nasty to me. I then called back the next day and asked who they were again and they would not tell me anything other they were going to call the payday loan company and tell them that I was not going to pay them back and to start legal action against me in Oklahoma I then told the lady that they could not take criminal action action against me in the state of Oklahoma then the story changed to were ever the payday loan company was. I then contacted the FTC and oklahoma department of consumer credit and file a complaint. When these people do this you have to contact the FTC because they need a lot of people to complain so they can go after these people. They will not just do it if one person complains.

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I got a call about a payday loan and they said the same exact thing and the number was similar to th 940.....

I plan to pay it off but at the first of next month. They threaten to come to my job and jail time also.

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Just how does this process work, they want payment today by 6:30pm and I don't have the money. What is their next steps???

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Hi looking4answers

Don't tense yourself from all the threats. They are illegal as per the fdcpa laws. You must send debt validation letters to the company and request the details of the accounts first. You have the legal rights to refuse payments till the accounts have not been placed to you in writing.

I guess you addressed similar queries at other threads also. You can catch a look for more info.

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john john

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Hi John,

Yes I did start another thread, I didn't want to "highjack" the other persons. thanks for your response.

I tried to verify their address that another person posted and they would not tell me.

What is the fdcpa?

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Hi looking4answers

No worries. Feel free to browse and post your comments at any thread in this forum.

fdcpa is the legal weapon used by the consumers against the shady collection agencies. Many CAs practice wrong and perhaps illegal collections on the consumers. They try to make money from the people by using scare tactics and misrepresenting the accounts. The federal government gives the legal powers to the consumers and educates how to deal with such business.

Have a look at the page below. You will educate yourself with the laws forced on the CAs.

https://www.ftc.go v/enforcement/rules/rulemaking-regulatory-reform-proceedings/fair-debt-c ollection-practices-act-text

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john john

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When they contacted me they told me the same thing that I was going to jail and I had better pay. What I checked my state laws on payday loans and it says that they can't file criminal charges in the state of Oklahoma on me I told the lady that and she said that they would do it where the payday loan company is at. I called the ftc and reported the I am not sure of there correct name but I do have their phone # and he said that if enough people call in then they will go after them but they cannot do anything for just one person. Try to get there name and address (if you are dealing with the same company I am they won't give it to you)

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colbert1974 colbert1974

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internet search shows them as (cut and paste) "Legal Mediation Practices
1919 Blanding Blvd # 10, Jacksonville, FL
(904) 387-3187" not area code 940. Research shows they are a collection agency just like any other. They use the name to scare people. All they can do is ask you to pay it. They collect money and that is all they can do.

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Also, I can't find anything saying a person could go to jail. It following seems to be the worse that could happen. "After You Get a Payday Loan

What if the unexpected happens and you cannot pay off your payday loan on the maturity date? Contact the payday loan lender regarding repayment options. Most payday loan lenders are flexible, and offer different options or rollovers on the loan amount. You should be prepared to pay the initial fee again, however. Try to pay back the fee and as much of the principal as possible.

The most important rule of all: do not default on the payday loan! If you default it can cause many sets of problems for you, like extra NSF fees from both your bank when the payments bounce and as specified in your contract with the payday loan or cash advance company. The payday loan company may also send your account to a third party collections agency, which could be very detrimental to your long term credit options. In addition, your default will be reported to consumer credit agencies that can make it impossible for you to obtain another payday loan or even open a new checking account in the future. As a last resort some lenders will take defaulting clients to court and sue them. (Also, I don't think a collection company will sue you for such a small amount of money. Ask the person if they are an attorney. Ask for the attorney and make the person state they "are an ATTORNEY"

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I also read someone there stated they are a supervisor and partner? A partner of what? Make them say the are an "ATTORNEY" because they are not. They are a collection company.

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