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Has any one heard of legal mediation services in flordia or know anything about them they are threatening jail time for a payday loan

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http://www.ftc.g ov/os/statutes/fdcpa/fdcpact.htm

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Good show! This sums up everything about consumer's rights! Also, I just had to say that if Legal Mediation breaks the law so much, they should change thier company name in order to be politically correct.

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copy and past the link:

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Hey everyone,

I took off from work a few days, had to get my head together, etc.

I thank EVERYONE from the bottom on my heart because these people stressed me out. I did send them a certified letter of verification that I got off this site. I got their address from another post.

I received my paydayloan from Ace Check Cashing and thier policy is pay back the entire loan and fees and get another loan for either the same amount or more or less. They do not do payment arrangements and neither does the LMP.

I will be paying off this loan in 2 weeks and I NEVER want to see another payday loan again in life, my new motto is "if you can afford to pay the pdl folks back in 2 weeks, you can afford to wait those 2 weeks for whatever you needed the money for in the first place and save those extra $$$$ for something else"

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That collection company will take whatever you send to them and they will accept a payment plan if you refuse to pay it all upfront. That would also mean that you will have to deal with them alittle longer than planned. I know someone who did a payment plan with them. Does anyone else?

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My name is J.M. Carter and I live in VA. I had a payday loan that i defaulted on. I was contacted by Legal Mediation Practices and they threatened everthing from location and prosecution for bank fraud to Jail time even after I tried to make payment arrangements.

I contacted the lender and and collection agency after a day of talking and being terrified of what they threatened because I did not know any better. Once I found out what my rights are I sent a letter as I stated to both the lender and collector demanding satifaction.

The lender's attorney called me and they have written off the loan, forgave it. I am have since filed a suite against Legal Mediation Practices for violation of fdcpa and other very serious violations of law.

I am writing this to ask if you would be willing to discuss your experiences with me concerning this matter to help stop this company from doing this to others. Please feel free to email me at, [color=red]Email address removed as per forum rules - Mike[/color]. Please know this....I am NOT an attorney nor do i represent one. I am a consumer just like you. I had a hard time and needed cash to take care of it. Yes I intened to pay the loan back as I do not believe in being given anything. But when someone blatently breaks the law, that person or entity should be stopped.

Thank you all and find out what your rights are immediately when contacted. And make sure you document EVERYTHING. Names, dates, times, conversations word for word.


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Correction to my last post, and an apology for breaking forum protocol. Anyone needing information from me...feel free to post your question of concern here and I will answer it.

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These nasty people contacted me at work today and told me the same thing about coming to my work to "embarrass" me.They also told me I was being charged with fraud and that I would go to jail. I am a good hardworking person who is having a very hard time right now, which is why I needed the payday loan. I understand the people who say you need to pay your debts and I agree, but try and be more understanding, you dont know peoples personal situations and you obviously have no understanding. I lost my purse the day my payday loan was due and I had the cash to pay that loan in that purse. Shit happens.There are worse people than those who dont or cant pay their payday loans. Losing a purse, for those of you who never have, is like losing part of your life. You have to run around for weeks, sometimes even months to get back the things taken from you, and the payday loan companies arent hurting that much when they have a 319% interest rate.
There are much worse people who belong in jail than people who cant payback a loan.

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