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Has any one heard of legal mediation services in flordia or know anything about them they are threatening jail time for a payday loan

I just got a call from this company and a Mr. Hall. He was very rude to me speaking to me in a way I wouldn????????t even speak to my worse enemy. When I called back and tried to get his title (whether it be attorney or just a debt collection agency) I got the run around and was continuously transferred back to HIM even though I expressed that I did not want to talk to him anymore. When I was transferred to him once again for the 3rd time I once again hung up!!! So calling back for the 4th time I explained that I would like his title so I would know what to address him as when I called my attorney in the morning. The conversation was interrupted by a man saying " I will take over this call, who am I speaking with?" when I asked well who am I speaking with, the line went dead. Talk about liars, they represent themselves as lawyers and make threats towards you. They are refusing to speak to me now that they know I was a state board licensed paralegal here in Arizona. They informed me to have my attorney contact them. I stated that I was my own attorney and they once again told me they with to have no contact with me, I said well then i guess i do not owe your "client" anything. Have a lovely day. Ha ha :lol: :lol:

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the following are the owners and BOSS of the collectors. These people pretend to listen to you. These are the people who make the commission on what you are paying. WAKE UP! If you want to complain don't complain to them. They just laugh behind your back. Call the FTC and the BBB

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Principal Contact Mr. Glenn Connelly (Vice President)

Complaint Contact Mr. BII ROTH (Compliance Officer)

Other Contacts Mr. Steven Pair (Vice President)

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They also have done the same thing to me. They are the most unprofessional individuels i have ever delt with. I would like to copntact there supervisor.

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After reading all of these messages (I have time, I'm unemployed) I am astounded that (IL)Legal Media Practice is even still in business.

I received a cryptic VM from a "Miss Andrews" at LMP yesterday afternoon giving me a deadline of 6 PM in which to call her back. She used all the buzzwords like "filed a case" to make it appear like she was from an attorney's office or some member of law enforcement. Before I even called her back, I Googled the company's name and found out they are located right here (where I live) in Jacksonville, Florida and are in no way a law firm or a representative of law enforcement.

So, I give "Miss Andrews" a call back. I started off by advising her I am unemployed, due to health reasons, and have been unemployed since February. Before that I was off and on work due to the same health problems for a year. I also advised her I didn't know when, or if, I would ever return to work.

Keep in mind, I was in full control of the call and wouldn't let her get a word in.

I went on to tell her, I had saved her voice-mail on my PC and would hold onto it as I didn't appreciate her cryptic message and the fact she was trying to imply she was with an attorney's office or law enforcement. I then advised here I wanted no further contact by her or her office, by phone, and would be following this request up with a letter stating the same thing. I advised her I had found her company's address on the internet and wanted to confirm it with her so I could send out the letter.

Once I finally allowed her to talk, she became very belligerent and hostile and kept referring to me as "Mr. Man". I had not heard that since the movie "Misery." She told me if I was so smart, I didn't need her to confirm the address. She then asked me if I was so smart, what was she calling me about. I told her it was probably someone I owed money to, as I owe a lot of money to people. That doesn't change the fact I am unemployed and don't have a way of paying it back. She still would not confirm the address with me after I asked her to do so again. And I still have no idea who the creditor is.

I advised her she just better make sure LMP doesn't contact me by phone again, leaving ominous and cryptic messages on my voice-mail.

I am sending the letter out STAT, certified with a signature requested at delivery. I am then going to file a complaint with the Florida Department of Financial Services. Someone with medical problems doesn't need the added stress of being harassed and treated this way by anyone, much less a debt collector.

And for all those people referring to people that may owe money and, for whatever reason, are unable to pay as deadbeats. I just want you to remember the phrase "There but for the grace of God, go you and I." With the economy going to the toilet, you are probably only one paycheck away from being in the same boat! When that happens, are you going to refer to yourself as a deadbeat? I imagine your opinion would definitely change then. I am a college educated man and would not have chosen for my situation to degenerate the way it has, causing stress and humiliation for me as well as my family. You just better be thankful if hasn't and hope that is doesn't happen to you.

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I just got a call at work from these folks. Of course they kept saying "check" on your checking account. I said is this a payday loan they said yes and of course said we need to hear from you by 3pm to avoid additional fees etc..Just by reading the informatin below I will now tell them that I will pay this in my way weekly. thank you this lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders.

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Does anybody know the laws for VA, and if they can put you in jail?

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Guest a collector cannot put you in jail anywhere so ignore their threats and remind them if they continue to break the law,they will owe you money.

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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Yes, I know what you mean the same call came to me this morning and yes I plan to pay but just don't have it right now. Legal Mediation Practice told me I have till 2 this afternoon to pay or they would have me deal with me @ my home or work.... This is the big form of hassement I have even seen.... Is there anything we can do about this? They don't want to make payment arrangements either.

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I recently re'vd a call from these people who told me the same thing about jail. I couldn't send the whole thing so i sent 100.00. Will my money even go toward my loan payment???

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