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FFG & amp; Associates - Are consumers grieving against the CA?

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I received a message on my cell and at work from a Joseph stating he was trying to contact me about a check that I wrote and needed to verify some information with me for security purposes. I am not sure how to respond to this because I have not had a checking account in over a year. He sounds american and the caller id is from somewhat local area(about 1 1/2 hours away) with a call back #866-443-6985. I thought I would investigate a little before calling back since I have been having serious issues with scammers out of india harrassing me at work and on my cell and I am having troubles getting them to stop. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Before you call someone a liberal make sure you have all the imformation correct. What you do not know is this company was set up by a foreign individual and they call numbers at random and threaten legal action if money is not paid back. They are very threatening on the phone and try to scare their victims into settling what the victim perceives as a debt owed to FFG. They even try to get you to settle for less than what they tell you is owed just as long as you send money. They may even have part of your bank account number but not all of it. When you contact them they will try to extract the numbers they do not have and the real trouble begins. I know what these people are because it is nice to have a relative that is in the FBI. I have been called on 2 separate occassions by these people in the past year and I still have no outstanding checks nor loans that could have been in question. I contacted my relative and after an investigation was started and is still going on I have been told that foreigners have been duping American citizens out of millions of dollars with these types of scams. I am telling everyone to beware of these people. Now maybe if you have common decensy you will apologize for your comments to whom you perceive as a bleeding heart liberal.

That was quite a speech but who are you directing it at?

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Just got a call from Joseph at FFG & ASSociates saying he needed to verify some info on a check I wrote, just for securety reasons mind you. Problem is, Joseph, I DON"T WRITE CHECKS!!!!! How stupid do they think people are? The number he left was 877-683-5490. Probably cost you $10 a minute to call it too.

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I also got the same phone call stating that I owe money. I did get a loan for $200 and their trying to tell me that I owe $457.00 that's some BS for real and to be honest they isn't getting a penny from me. I cancelled out my bank accounts and visa cards and sent their calls straight to my PocoMail cause I don't got time for that. They sent me an email saying if I fail to pay them they will be authorized to file a lawsuit against me. They can go right ahead. By the way those of you who wanted their information I have it. They claim that they are represented by ROVO & ASSOCIATES 9980 W. Flamingo Road Las Vegas, NV 89147 Phone:702-586-4444 Fax:702-463-8752 but FFG contacted me from 1-877-683-5490 and 414-255-2966. These are some big time scam artists

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The first time I got the call I spoke with someone name Carmen and she also stated that this call was regarding a bad check I wrote. But the funny thing is that I'd never wrote out any check I don't even own any checks.

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A man called my 86 yr.old aunt about two weeks ago and got very ugly and threating and yelling and cussing at her, saying that they know that I live out there and she has to get a hold of me asap because they will be out there in two hours to serve a warrant for my arrest. My aunt has a heart condition, therefor she spent two days afterthat in the hospital for a heart attack. I had paid all but 120 of the 700 dollar loan and everytime i talk to them the price goes up another 200 dollars. So i have talked to these people but I am not going to tolerate this crap. All they gave my aunt is another phone number and a file number. It is 888-353-2551 i cant seem to find out who the phone no.belongs to. Can someone clue me in....I pay my bills, but due to layoffs and no work in my area things are getting paid slowly. Any help is appreciated......

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"Hello (Insert Your Name Here).... This is Whitney from FFG & Associates calling about a civil matter in (Insert your County here). You need to call me back because you're going to need to make some decisions in the next couple of days."

Witney failed to leave a call back number and that's what prompted me to look up the company. Epic fail on her part. She sounded legitimate when I listened the first time, but the second time I was sure it was bad acting. I can see how this would scare people. It sounded like they were going after my house.

Besides the scare tactic, what is THIS about???

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Anytime they call you and say it is for a check, it is because of a payday loan that YOU took out, and never paid for. When you agree to a payday loan, YOU agree (by signing the agreement) to pay the enormous amount of fees they charge. When YOU don't repay it, it accumulates MORE fees. This would be why the amount increases. Doesn't anyone ever read what they sign? YOU also agree in your agreement that you allow them to sell the debt. FGG purchases this debt and attempts to collect on it. I can't say if FGG is a scam or not, or if they operated without a license, however if you owe the debt, pay it. Make someone else you owe wait for their money. Why are you willing to take a chance on getting garnished for the priveledge of trying to be right? If you owe the debt, they will get their money sometime. Doesn't anyone understand that? If you buy a TV, can you really expect to not pay for it, keep the TV and actually never have to pay? What is wrong with people? Everyone pisses and moans that the economy is shit, but no one is willing to pay for what they purchase. Stop trying to keep up with the Jones's. Only buy what you can afford. And pay off what you purchased!

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(I posted this in another forum and have posted updates since. I figured I should spread this around as it's a huge concern for many people like me. Here is the link to the other forum http://800notes. com/Phone.aspx/1-866-443-6985/36)

On Oct. 12, 2010, I attempted to take out a $200 payday loan from Check-N-Go. I had use them before with no issues and tried to use them again. Once my status for approval of the loan was pending, I just waited for the usual phone call I got from them telling me to go back online and electronically sign to the terms fo the loan. Next day, I got a call from a place called CMG Group trying to tell me that they could do the loan for me of $200 and it would be $260 with interest and it needed to be paid back in 2 weeks. I knew I couldn't do this, as Check-N-Go gave me a month to pay back a loan so I said NO. End of call.

A few hours later I got a call from Check-N-Go saying I was approved too and that all they needed was a voided check to move forward. I told them I didn't even have a checkbook and when they said that it was their "new policy" and there wasn't anything they could do, I said NO. End of call.

According to my bank account, on Oct 14, $200 dollars was deposited WITHOUT MY CONSENT or knowledge at all by CMG Group LLC. NOWHERE did I electronically sign or give authorization to have this done. I also DID NOT consent to my personal account information being given out to ANYONE other than Check-N-Go. Anyway, 2 weeks later, on my next payday, $60 was withdrawn by CMG Group LLC so I called them asking what was going on. I spoke to a Kim, who was "managing the account". Once I got the skinny, I told her that I NEVER approved of this and asked why it happened. After not getting a solid answer for anything I was asking, I told her that I would give her back the $140 for the principle loan , as they had already withdrawn $60 all by themselves. She asked that I send over a bank statement showing that I hadn't used the funds, that I had money in my account to pay it back. After I faxed that over, I never heard back from them again. 2 weeks later, $60 was withdrawn again.

So, I went online and began reading these posts about CMG Group, FFG, RoVo & Associates, and other scammers that dick people out of money by withdrawing excessive amounts past the loan amount AND interest at their own discretion. Not wanting this to be done to be, and after reading what others had done, I closed out my account.

Last Thursday, Dec 9th, I got a call from Matthew Glunt from some legal place (couldn't understand him) stating he was calling on behalf of CMG Group and trying to collect a debt of $458 due to an unpaid payday loan. I argued with this guy for at least 20 minutes. He then began to deal with me, saying that he would drop the NSF fees and what I owed down to $308. I told him I wouldn't pay it and would seek legal counsel. When I asked him to prove to me where I agreed to receive the loan in the first place, he said they sent me an e-mail, saying that "if I didn't respond, this would become a legal and binding contract". I dug though over 13,000 emails in my inbox AND spam and found NOTHING from CMG Group.. not even in the body of the messages. He said he would send me the letter from the legal office saying they would pursue the debt. When I told him to both e-mail and send me a copy via USPS, he couldn't verify my apartment number to where I live. I find it ironic that they had all this information about me, even if they did get it from Check-N-Go somehow, but never obtained my apartment number (which, I'm sure, is in Check-N-Go's system)

Now I sit with these comstant phone calls on my call log from 2 numbers. 469-656-3485 and 866-945-8627. The 469 number has the automated "Joseph" guy calling about "a check I wrote." Funny. I've NEVER written a check in my life. I have received my letter from RoVo and am debating what to do with it. I have received one call at my place of work, which irritates me to no end, by a "Miss Hogan" from RoVo & Associates, trying to resolve the debt of $458 before they "move forward with verification of my SSN in the state of Texas." When I told her that I spoke to someone previously and I would go to court to resolve it, she proceeded to end the covnersation with "Have a great day." I added that I would be responding to the letter that her firm had sent me to dispute the account. She said "Ok." and hung up. How professional of a legal firm to simply hang up.

As of now, my decision is not to pay them a dime. I had, at one point, told Matthew Glunt that I would give them the $80 for the remainder of the principle of the loan that they deposited without my approval. That just wasn't enough.

I am doing more research on these companies. I'm looking to see if CMG is licensed to loan in the state of Texas. If they are not, the entire transaction was both illegal and fraudulent. I'm doing more research on RoVo & Associates to see exactly who they represent. And so on...

If ANYONE out there has any advice or suggestions, I'd be more than happy to hear them.



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CMG is NOT licensed to lend in TX, nor are they registered as a CSO, they go by several alias's:
OSL Marketing d/b/a’s -
DJR Group, LLC., Platinum B Services
SSM Group
Summit Group

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My grandma got a call today and was told to have me call them back at this number. Are they legit?

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