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FFG & amp; Associates - Are consumers grieving against the CA?

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I received a message on my cell and at work from a Joseph stating he was trying to contact me about a check that I wrote and needed to verify some information with me for security purposes. I am not sure how to respond to this because I have not had a checking account in over a year. He sounds american and the caller id is from somewhat local area(about 1 1/2 hours away) with a call back #866-443-6985. I thought I would investigate a little before calling back since I have been having serious issues with scammers out of india harrassing me at work and on my cell and I am having troubles getting them to stop. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I received a call as well about something a loan i got in 2007, bottom line they are totally disrespectful when they call. Rude, ignorant and just RUDE. They say they are in LAS VEGAs but who know, all i know is i get first adn last names and I will be posting a complaint myself. These people think they can say whatever they want to you on the phone and threaten you with there "lawyers" WHAT. They got alot of balls i hope this company is shut down. They probably do not harrass anybody in there own state, but i have all 6 numbers and names they gave me while calling and I will be putting them onblast... I'm sorry people like you and me have to deal with such ignorance from "supposedly professional companies". Maybe we need to right the president about there treatment of people.:rolleyes:

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I, too was informed by the name of a Mr. "Joseph" as well. He also told me the exact same thing, that he had a check in his office and he wanted alittle more information for security purposes. He tried to make it sound like I had money that was owed to me but I know how these con artists can be. So Joseph if you are reading this, contact me again, then I will pursue and you will be making phone calls behind bars. The lesson for you, Joseph is watch who you try and fraud!

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this company just tried calling me to say they were calling about a check that has not cleared. i told him thats funny i dont have checks nore have i ever! so i looked this page up and notice others with the same. my husband called them back and called them on their bull shit and they hung up on him !! chickens!!!

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To you, maybe we, consumer would pay our bills on time if you would leave us alone! Everyday you want to call, no, bother someone on their job, their home, personal events, possibly where ever you may be able to reach us and threaten us. You don't take the time out to find out why the consumer is having financial issues or why the consumer cannot pay back on time. DID YOU EVER THINK OF THAT? Instead of using all your time to threaten consumers or customers over the phone, why don't you focus that energy into programs to help the consumers or customers so that they can get out of debt without hassle and still have some financial stability to call their own. Instead you so called DEBT COLLECTORS want take our money and run with it. I know I used to be one and some day the rain will come down on your head, too. WATCH!! :twisted:

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I just had a call from "Joseph Thomas" from Frontier Financial Group. Are they a legit? I have been looking at post from other people on this thread and it seems like they also call your boss and your friends, is that legal? Do they have the right to do that? How do they even get their number?

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another number is 1-887-683590 and they tell you to ask for joseph dont call them!

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yes I got the same call my caller id showed a local number but Joseph said the same thing on my recording but gave me a different number than you to call back 1-877-683-5490

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FFG aka Frontier Financial Group is a part of Wheels Financial aka 800LoanMart in Encino, CA.

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I had a call from them today insisting I owe over $700 on an olllllllllllldddd Ace Cash Express PDL, which I had long ago paid off. They were extremely rude, left a msg on my voicemail at work, saying I needed to verify an address for them to "send legal papers" and then mentioned that "Rovo Law has already been retained to handle this matter." Little bit of googling sure came in handy. Rovo isn't a law office, it's their agency. Also... FFG is not (and never has been) licensed to collect. They've been busted in Nevada multiple times.

I decided to have a little fun with them. I sent an email to the [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] address (and any other address I could find after googling "" and picking all the ones that came up - and I CCd the Nevada Financial Institutions Department - the people who'd cited them before. [EMAIL=""]< a href="">[/E MAIL]

Basically a cease & desist, request to validate debt, verify their collection agency info & licensing info, ACH & wage assigment revoke - all rolled into one... LOL. Should be real interesting to see if they reply.

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Lo & behold - not 1 hour after I sent that email - I got an extremely apologetic reply from FFG saying they were very concerned about my situation, would not contact me again, and that the situation was being handled.

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