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National Action Financial Services - Is it good to deal with?

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Ok, National Action Financial Services have made the first initial call today around 8:30 this morning. I have no idea who they're calling about (me or my wife) since the phones in her name. I refuse to talk to this guys from National Action Financial Services at all. I've chased off allied interstate, Merchants and now these goons. I do not have an account number for an alleged debt that they say one of owes. I need to send a C&D letter but no account number. Can I just send this with out the account and use the phone # they called us at. I've seen numerous posts and these are the lowest scumbags. The automated message just said that "You must call 866-529-1899 as it is VERY important to someone named "Gotto or Gotty" Da ha funny. Can someone please advise. Thank you.

These companys lose their right to sue after 3 years. each state has a different SOL but most are 3 years.

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I told this lady that i will make a payment she said okay for the amount. now they still call me every day some time 3 or 4 times a day and are very rude the lady to me to get a job. How when there is no jobs out there for me. im going to legal aid for help on this b.....

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I'm in debt, all of which has gone to creditors...a real mess to say the least. Between nearly a year in default car loan payments, a large school loan, medical, cell phone, and a number of small miscellaneous debts;where do I even begin. I've recently been getting calls from NAFS & they probably are calling on a legit claim, but without knowing what bill they're collecting on...I don't want them to know where I live or work if it's not something I can pay off quickly.
What to do?

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A while back, when economic outlooks were better, National Action Financial Services LLC, or NASF, joined with a global entity named SITEL, which was a very profitable customer service outsourcing company (the phone rep whom you can't understand) until the global economy tanked and the conglomerates outlook became less rosy.
SITEL, not educating themselves adequately on U.S. consumer protection laws were leaning hard on the NAFS collections operations to increase contributions , who then leaned on consumers too aggressively which won them at least one hefty fine in 2007 for illegal collection practices.
SITEL has not been overly generous in sharing their results since 2006, and there???s speculation that it is experiencing some losses worldwide. The fine that their collections side was penalized with was absorbed and doesn't seem to have dampened their over-aggressive confrontational style. It is unlikely, given their worsening financial status, that SITEL will back off their over-zealous behavior very much for the reason that improved earnings from the collection operations are now so urgently needed, and foreign owned companies are notoriously slow to learn about American culture as well as applicable consumer law. They will likely have to take a few more significant legal hits before stepping back and rethinking the risky NAFS model.

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national action just called and left me a message. the debt they are calling on is over 10 years old. do i talk to these people, or do i just always watch caller id and ignore them. are they going to start calling friends and family???? about the debt... i sent through a debt repayment plan and paid all but 1000. i recieved a letter from a "lawyer" a couple of weeks ago, claiming that the debt was over $9000 because of fees and interest. this debt has not been on my credit report in years. just wondering how i need to handle this situation.

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Jerry was apparently right about "NEWMAN"!

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I'm trying to settle a debt with NAFC, they faxed a settlement letter, but it does'nt have much info on it, say's - you actually owe-xxxx
we will settle for-xxxx
amount due by-xxxx
Does'nt have any signatures, is this legit?
Also the debt is from a loan I co-signed (stupid,I know) and I never got a copy of the original loan documents. What do I do?

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ALWAYS get a settlement letter in writing. That way if they decide to come after you for the remainder anyway, you will have a defense. NEVER pay a settlement without a hard copy settlement letter. These people are VERY BAD. They show 387 complaints to the BBB. They were also s ued and fined in New York, so they may have calmed down a bit, but it's best to be on the safe side at all times.

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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I am also getting calls from this company....I don,t know why they would be calling me...I do not have a debt outstanding of any kind. I immediately called back and got nothing but hold and when you press to leave a message, you get a "voicemail box is full". I want these calls stopped...I don't know how they got my phone number but as I have already stated....I DO NOT HAVE ANY OUTSTANDING DEBTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next call, I go to the Better Business Bureau.

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My sister received a call today from NAF asking for me. The phone is under her husbands name. How could they have known this was a relative of mine if we don't have the same last names? Is this legal?

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