Inter-page communication: Forum creates an opportunity for the newbies to get rewards

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Did you ever think that posting as a registered member in the DebtCC forum can help you win rewards? Yes, it’s true. DebtCC is giving an opportunity to the people to register themselves with the forum and helping them to win rewards while asking questions.

You may think why the forum prefers you to post the question as a member. Well, the simple answer to this query is that DebtCC doesn’t think only about itself but it believes in walking with the people and helping them as much as possible. One of the main purposes of introducing the concept of inter-page communication is to increase the participation in the community.

Once you’re a registered member of the community, you can accumulate points and easily earn while asking questions. Another advantage of being a registered user is that it will be easier for you to follow up with the community experts’ reply, as you’ll get notification mail. You’ve another opportunity to win cash reward by participating in monthly contest. If you subscribe to the newsletter, then you can be aware of the latest news in the industry.

In order to register, you’ve to click on the “want to join now” button and submit it. Once you submit, you’ll find a pop up box. You just need to provide your email address and screen name, after completing the process you’re a registered member of DebtCC. However, if you choose to ignore the chance of winning cash rewards, you can click on “Not Now” button and it will redirect you to the “post a new thread” page.

As a matter of fact, the community’s sole intention is to help people make some extra money by joining as a member as well as guide them out of debt.

Last Updated on: Wed, 8 Jan 2014

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