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List of Best USA Debt Relief Companies - FAQ

Q. What is the meaning of "Shared fee structure with DebtCC Community"?

A. In our experience, companies which make their fee structure public and transparent are more ethical. Some companies have made their fee structure public either on their own website or on our forums. A publicly listed fee structure is open for everyone to scrutinize and discuss.

Some companies keep their fee structure hidden till the point right before the consumer signs the contract and usually these companies have something to hide. We want to highlight companies who have made their fee structure public.

Hence companies which have made their fee structure transparent and public are known as "Shared their fee structure with DebtCC community."

Q. What does the term "law firm" imply?

A. Law firms mean legal companies. We have highlighted the applicable companies in the "law firm" column of our listing. The other companies have been marked as Not-applicable for this particular column.

Q. Which companies are highlighted in the "Testimonial" section?

A. The companies who have shared client testimonials with DebtCC Community have been highlighted in our listing. The other companies have been marked as "Not-applicable" for testimonials in our listing. People can go through the testimonials of the debt relief companies and know whether the customers are satisfied with their services.

Q. Can I know about the location of the debt relief companies?

A. Yes, you can locate the debt relief companies using Google Map. However, you can know the location of only those companies who have shared their contact details with DebtCC Community.

Q. How can I enlist my company in the list?

A. You can get your company enlisted in the list by following the below mentioned steps:

  1. Click on Add Company.
  2. Fill out the sign-up form.
  3. Give all the relevant details.

If you still face any problem in enlisting your company or have any query, then contact us at