How to plan a perfect retirement

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Having a perfect retirement is every man's desire. But for the dream retirement you need to start planning early and systematically. The younger you start the better and bigger will be your retirement fund.

Importance of Planning
It's important to plan ahead, what you want to do after your retirement. If you have a dream to tour the world after retirement, you may need to assess its expenses and start saving accordingly. Anticipation of the future expenses is important towards proper planning. Hence, do not forget to incorporate the inflation rate and health expenses when you plan.

Saving and investment
The surest way to accumulate enough to live your dream is to save. A savings account wouldn't only hold the money for you but give you interest on the deposit. Hence your money would grow at the same time. It also pays off to invest prudently. Investments earn greater return and help your money grow faster.

401k plan offers tax deferred savings
401k plan helps you save for your retirement in a tax deferred way. However, it is related to employment, i.e. if 401k is available with your employer, only then you can join the program. However, not all employers offer 401k benefits. Hence, it is one thing that you need to check before taking up a job. Further, 401k plan also limits ($15,000) the maximum amount that you can save in a year.

Individual retirement Account (IRA)
Since the option to save in a 401k plan gets limited to your employment, you can set up an individual retirement account if you're self employed or don’t have a 401k plan at your job.

Employer matching programs
In an employer matching plan, the employer matches the contribution with the employee in his 401k account. However, it may require you to contribute a fixed percentage of your income everytime towards the fund but the employer's participation can act as a good incentive for that.

Annuity plans
Annuity plans can help you to save in a tax deferred tax deferred way for your future. Deferred and immediate are the two major types of annuity plans from which you can choose the one that suits you.

Given the economic condition and acceleration in the cost of living, now is the time to act towards securing your future. The idea of living long may turn into an unpleasant experience if you find yourself with no money to live with when your paycheck isn't there.

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