Being a single parent: Some cost-effective special plans to enjoy the V-Day

By: on 2015-07-21
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Being a single parent: Some cost-effective special plans to enjoy the V-Day

There are many ways to make the Valentine’s day happening. No matter if you’re single, single parents, dating or married. Celebrate in your own way. If you’re single parent then dedicate the whole day to your kids and enjoy. Try to think positive in order to make yourself more energetic toward work and life. Whatever be the occasion, your happiness that matters most. If you’ve not planned yet then don’t worry. The article is full of ideas to have much fun on V-day.And the best part is you can have all the fun without spending much.

6 Ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day as single/single parent

1. Make the day more creative

Kids will love a crafty day. So, if you have kids then spend the V-day making DIY hearts, paper roses, write letter to friends and relatives. You can enjoy a crafty party with your other friends as well.

2. Catch the matinee show

Catch your kid's favorite movie on V-day and return the home after dining out. If you don’t have kids then catch any romantic movie with the gang of girls to have fun.

3. Spread love

You may find love and perspective at volunteers dates while spreading love to the seniors. Teach your kids to show love and respect to the seniors. Meet the seniors to help them and talk to them and spent the day to enlighten your inner soul.

4. Have a spa day

This day is ideal to pampering yourself. Take a long, rejuvenating bubble bath to refresh your mood. You can take a spa treatment, haircut, pedicure, manicure as well. If you want to stay at home with your kids then mommy-daughter spa day will be a great idea to spend the day.

5. Troops day out

Try to catch other single parents and get out for a party , picnic to enjoy the togetherness. All of you can date other single parents as well.

6. Host a party

You can always host a party at your place to enjoy the day. Choose any theme such as cocktail party, dinner party, tea party, movie party so on. There is a concept of Valentine's Day party i.e lonely hearts club party. Get the detail idea from this article to host a “lonely hearts club party”.

Host a Valentine’s Day lonely hearts club party and enjoy in different way:

As the other party themes are quite known to you, I want to introduce to this theme to enjoy in different way.

What to do:

1. Pre-planning is a must

Pick a perfect party spot and select venue. But be careful if the place is convenient to your guests. Another thing to remember is your affordability before hosting such party.

2. Make your guest list

Be very sure that every invitees are single. If you don’t know much singles then ask your family friends to suggest. Invite them as early as possible unless they may plan for other option.

3. Budget, budget and budget

Budgeting is highly recommended to enjoy a party which can lower your costs. Create your own budget for the party. Thus you can control over expenses.

4. Organize some fun games

Fun games can involve your guests in the party. Crack some jokes, sing a song, dance, do whatever you and our guest would like.

5. Serve food and drinks

You can hire caterer to organize foods and drinks. You can ask the invitees to bring their own drinks as well. Try to select short yet relish menu for the party. pasta, dessert, ham, salads can be good choice for the party.

6. Introduce to each other

If you're playing the role of hosts then its your duty to introduce all the guests to each other. Singles, single parents all are main invites so who knows they can find their soulmate at your party.

7. Keep some party favor

Welcome your guests with chocolates, flowers to make them happy. Thus you can get a Valentine’s essence in the party as well.

8. Select a theme/dress code

You can fix a theme for the lonely heart’s club party. Fix a particular dress code and tell the guest previously.


I would love to hear how you enjoy the V-Day with your kids and what you’ve decided to enjoy this February.

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