6 Consequences of budget cuts that start in March 2013

By: on 2013-02-28
Ask Phil Bradford

Thousands of people are simply dreading the day when the spending cuts will kick-start in March 2013. Over 2.1 million federal government employees are likely to spend 22 working days at home without getting any remuneration. Citizens will suffer as airport traffic regulators, food inspectors, security officials, etc. won't be working in the month of March 2013.

Check out the 6 spending cuts that will shake the citizens of this country.

1. Chicken will become more expensive: Government has decided to reduce expenses on the food safety programs by almost $51 million dollars. Several food inspectors will lose jobs. As such, many poultry firms will remain closed for nearly 15 days. The supply of meat will get severely affected. So all the meat lovers will have to pay more for eggs, chicken, beef, pork, etc. in the coming months.

There will be shortage of foods – by around 3 billion pounds of chicken and 2 billion pounds of meat. Moreover, the safety of food will also be compromised in the coming months due to the lack of food inspectors.

2. Long queue in airport: Both the international and domestic passengers will have to wait for more hours to clear the security checks in this year. Domestic passengers will have to wait for an extra 1 hour to clear customs. On the other hand, international passengers will have to patiently wait for more than 4 hours to board into the airplane. This will mainly happen due to the less number of security officials in the airport.

3. Senior people won't get meals: Don't be surprised if your grand mother complains to you regarding insufficient meals. It is estimated that nearly 4 million disabled seniors won't get meals due to budget cuts to Meals on Wheels programs. In the state of New York, the total number of delivered meals is expected to drop by around 36,000.

4. Less money to repair disaster-affected homes: Obama government has decided to cut approximately $3 billion on a bill for the Hurricane Sandy sufferers. As such, the disaster victims will get less money to repair and renovate 10,000 houses and office buildings.

5. Kids may not enter pre-schools: Around 70,000 children belonging to low-income families won't be able to enter into pre-schools that are run and managed by Head Start programs. Obama government will cut down $400 million on Head Start Programs. Children belonging to the low-income group will be the worst sufferer because of the cut.

6. National parks will have fewer visitors: The National Parks will get less money from the government. They are likely to lose nearly $110 million in 2013. The amount is quite huge. As such, nearly 5 campus grounds of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina and Tennessee will be closed in this year. Naturally, visitors will be affected due to this. More than 54,000 visitors will get affected due to the spending cut.

Around 2 routes to Grand Canyon will be closed till the later part of this year. Even the West Rim Drive will remain closed. This is going to affect over 250,000 visitors.

The only good news is that some of the cuts won't kick in immediately. Agencies will try their best to postpone the beginning of layoffs by as many months as possible.

Last Updated on: Thu, 28 Feb 2013

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