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The national average cost of a funeral, according to the National Funeral Directors Association, with a vault was $7,775 in 2010. The cost of a burial without the casket was about $4,265 the same year. In 2012, in Myrtle Beach, S.C., the coroner asked the citizenry to create a special cemetery for unclaimed bodies due to a lack of dignified space to put the remains. All this is the result of financial crisis, leading you destitute of paying even your last bills.

Not everyone is as affluent as Elvis Presley, dying with an account of $5 million in his bank account. What can be done if a loved one dies with very limited means? How can you help with a loved one's demise when you yourself are tight in budget to organize a funeral?

You, firstly, need to accept the fact that a cordial and grieving tribute shouldn't be costing you more than you can afford. Otherwise, it can lead to further debts. It's the togetherness of family and friends that matters the most. More importantly, you should remember that your debts gained in arranging a funeral beyond your capability will not be paid off by any charitable or governmental organization. Hence, it is important to be practical as well as economical enough to plan a funeral for your loved one. Death is inevitable, like taxes, so you must think about your funeral also before it's too late.

Mentioned below are few tips which are surely going to help you in the last services, for you or your loved ones.

Life Insurance Policy

Scrutinize the life insurance of the deceased and find out if the burial and funeral costs are covered under the life insurance policy. Consult the agent and gather all the details about the policy. Based on the policy one has bought, you might be lucky enough to find out, that a good cut over the funeral costs is covered under the life insurance policy.

Prepaid funeral plan

Death is undeniable. It's possible that the departed might have taken out a prepaid funeral plan which means advance payment of the funeral. If this is done, it's probably going to cover the whole cost of the funeral. It's essential to check personal papers of the deceased if they'd taken any such plan. They could have also reserved a place in the cemetery before hand. The funeral director should be informed about it at the earliest, if any such thing is done.

State services

Few states have welfare service for people who can't afford cremation or burial costs. There are few formalities to be done if anyone wants to take advantage of the service. It totally depends on the state's policy to decide about the contract and it might need you to sign the policy. In that case, the state and the county will decide to either bury or cremate the body. If you are willing to pay a certain fees, you can claim for the ashes. Otherwise, the ashes are buried in a common grave along with other unclaimed ashes. Later, you can organize a memorial service at home, church or any special venue.

Low budget funeral

Burials are far more expensive that cremation. Burial costs include opening grave, casket, transportation, embalming and more. On the other hand, cremation costs way much lesser in all the aspects. Many people think it to be more environmental friendly too, as the ashes can be scattered anywhere, instead of using a plot of the ground which could be used for other purpose. Cremation costs can vary from $700 to $1400, whereas burial will not cost less than $4000.

Donate for scientific research

You can contact your local coroner's office or funeral homes in regard to the information about donation of the body for scientific research. The benefit of donating the body for research is that, the withholder of the body agrees to dispose the remains of the deceased. This reduces the burden on family members and friends. Another advantage is you are helping to train the next generation doctors or researchers.

Cash instead of flowers

While offering condolences to the family, you generally send flowers. You can always request the well wishers to send memorials in form of donations instead of flowers. It will surely cover most of the cost of the funeral.

Death of a loved one is, obviously, an emotional time for the family and friends. It can cause financial outbreak also. For those who have time can do a favor to your loved ones by planning your own funeral. People who never thought about it can cause financial trouble and it requires practical thinking to get out of the heartbreaking situation.

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