Winners and losers of the election 2012: The biggest political game

By: on 2012-12-11
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Barack Obama is the biggest winner of the US election 2012. He has defeated Romney and retained his place in the coveted White House. However, Obama is not the sole winner of the biggest political battle in the world. There are some other winners of the US election 2012 too. Find out who are the 3 key winners of the biggest political extravaganza in this article.

1. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) – Expect CFPB to become stronger than ever. The political drama is finally over. Obama is back to where he belongs – the White House. Now, CFPB will carry on with its investigations into the financial industry. Illegal debt relief companies and payday loan lenders are going to face tough situations in future. Debt collectors also need to focus and follow the federal laws more diligently.

2. Education sector: Students are winners of the election. They need education loans in order to pursue higher studies. Obama government will lend money to students for the brighter future of the country. There is yet another reason why students are winners. Obama supports income based repayment plans. This will make it easier for the delinquent borrowers to pay back loans.

The immigrant students have also reasons to be happy with the election result. If Obama government passes Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors, better known as DREAM Act, then it’ll be easier for the foreign students to get financial aid and education.

Obama had earlier promised to make Pell Grant bigger and better. If he keeps his promise, then it’ll benefit students immensely.

3. Housing market: Presidential election didn’t create a storm in the housing market of the country. The second term president of the country didn’t make many comments on the housing market of the country. The mortgage rate is likely to remain low in the next few years. This is certainly a boon for the people who are planning to buy houses. Hopefully, Obama will come up with a pack of slightly effective mortgage aid programs in the following 4 years. This will help struggling homeowners to refinance or modify their existing home loans.

Losers of the US election 2012

Romney was not the only one who lost the election. There are some other losers as well. Find out who are the 2 main losers of the political war.

1. Investment sector: Investors with fat income will have to pay higher taxes. It is a well-known fact that President Obama wants to raise the capital gains tax rate. High earners will have to pay 20 percent capital gains tax. Reports suggest that Obama is also planning to introduce Buffett rule. If this rule is implemented, then high-earners will have to pay 30 percent tax.

2. Tax payers: The second-term president wants that individuals earning $250,000 or more should pay more income tax. If Obama is successful in fulfilling his wish, then the top 2 tax rates would increase in future.

No matter, who are the winners and losers of the US election 2012; President Obama has a tough act to follow. He has to face the country’s biggest financial cliff. He has to strengthen the country’s position in the world economy. Only then will he be considered the ultimate and true winner of the political extravaganza.

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