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Expressing gratitude is considered to be a highly honored etiquette!

Life is all about togetherness. You can never do anything alone. The killer line could be, we are all in debt for all that we have.

Have you ever thought in absolute silence, everything we receive, and all that we have, from where do they come?

You may or may not believe in God. The existence of God is something that might take a lifetime to understand. Still, you can never readily digest that God exists!

In this post, I won’t argue about God’s existence, as such epistemological theories will not fit in here properly and will be more debatable and time-consuming.

So I will try to play in a few concepts, like what is Gratitude, why all that we receive is not ours, and why is it important to show Gratitude.

What is ‘Gratitude’?

The dictionary defines it as a token of appreciation when you get something from someone, and you are glad that you received that something!

But I will break it down for you.

Let’s say you did a job for Mr. X, and Mr. X paid you some $500 for your good work. You’d say, you did your job and you got your payment, what’s there to be thankful?

But if that Mr. X didn’t give your money even after 2 or 3 weeks have passed since you did your part, how would you feel?

A desperation and hopelessness, right? Now one morning you wake up and check your phone messages, and see that your bank account has been credited by $500. How will you feel then? A rush of happiness and most of us would say- “Thank God, it’s finally here”!

This exclamation of joy and you being thankful, is Gratitude.

Another way to interpret this word “Gratitude” is by returning a portion of what you get, back to the origin.

Now that’s the most important definition. When you eat a fruit and you throw away the seed on the ground, one day it will turn into a tree, and again give you back fruits. This endless flow of give and take is what we call gratitude.

All that you receive is not yours:

Every fruit you eat is offered by a tree. Yes, you probably did the hard work to reach up to that height and pluck it, still, if there was no tree, then no matter how big a ladder you build, there will be no fruit to eat.

So, acknowledge the source from where you receive your prize.

Show respect and gratitude by returning back a small part of your gift to the source.

There is this age-long practice of Tithes where the season’s fresh harvest used to be delivered in the name of religion, as a token of gratitude. But that was in the ancient times in the holy land Jerusalem.

But today we have charities, churches, asylums, hospitals, schools and many more for the underprivileged. What harm could it be, if we just give a small portion of our income to these institutions?

I completely believe that whatever I receive, is because I am grateful. And I am always ready to give it back if time demands it!

It is tremendously scientific you see. Look at every chemical reaction, morphosis, evolution, and physical change, you will wonder how one element leads to another, and so forth.

I even believe that at the end of the day, we won’t be taking back anything, not even our own body. Where we will go that’s not important, how everything ends that is the crucial part.

Since you cannot say goodbye to this Earth by rolling down the highway to eternal bliss in a sleek white limousine, with all the money, gold, wealth, your loved ones, your favourite cell phone, your best friend, your lovely mother, your ever scolding dad, your lawn mower, your bottle of champagne, your lovely mattress, your nice seaside hut, and etc. etc., it’s better then to witness the power that gives you everything and takes back everything away from you in the end!

Kneel before such an immense energy and appreciate whatever it offers, because it is not yours. It can never be yours!

How to build wealth with the help of gratitude and bringing the discussion to an end:

I recently read in some articles that scientific research has shown how gratitude can actually help you build wealth.

It is obviously psychological.

If you are being successful at any work and you have been doing charity each time from the money you get, due to that hard work, you tend to develop a belief that just because you are doing charity, you have started to earn more and your life has turned out to be more favorable.

Well, one thing is true that charity is like an addiction and it will give you a big mental satisfaction and a rush of happiness!

It’s always been believed that the more you give, the more you will receive. This is the basic universal principle.

But obviously, you should not break your limits while doing charity.

Every month you allocate a certain percentage of your salary for charity and savings. So on your payday, you keep aside an amount for charity/gratitude, and see if you can cope up with your monthly expenses. If you find no problem in doing this, then go a next step ahead and try to do savings!

If you are okay with your calculations, then you carry on with charity, else this charity amount you can punch toward savings.

At least you get to be mentally assured that even if you run out of cash in the middle of the month, you still have the charity amount you can take help from. You tend to grow a good habit of savings that way.

But don’t make it a habit to break into your charity funds by pouring out your savings amounts for luxury expenses each month! You should do charity and build it into a habit, and pass it on to generations after generations!

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