Halloween candy and costumes: Tips to beat the budget blues

By: on 2015-10-27
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The cold, crisp weather symbolize that the spooky event (Halloween) is just around the corner. The Halloween isn't just for the little kids now. The Hallow's eve is the second highest and expensive holiday. Every year, most Americans spend thousand of dollars on candy, costume, decor items to enjoy the event. You’re probably not the exception to this trend. This is one of the reasons for accumulating huge holiday debts. One should keep in mind that emptying pockets on Halloween shopping is a blunder, as there’s a chance to incur horrifying debts. You must make a Halloween shopping plan to enjoy the event with full holiday spirit.

Halloween treats and costumes within your budget

You should think, how much you can afford for Halloween. Or else you may overspend which can create financial problems. Here are some tips to celebrate the spooky event without breaking your budget:

Save money on treats

1. Visit warehouse club to buy Halloween candies

Making several trips to the grocery store to shop Halloween supplies can pinch your pocket during Halloween time. Make a plan for Halloween shopping and visit warehouse club for buying Halloween candies in bulk. Thus, you’ll be able to save a lot of money. Candies have a long shelf life so you can store them as well.

2. Buy generic produce

Buying generic candy can save you big bucks. Generic brands are as good as brand names. So, there's no point to splurge money on those pricier brand name candies.

3. Grab the promotional offers

Take advantage of the promotional offers at the grocery store during Halloween time. Ask for discounts and coupons as well.

4. Distribute the candy on your own

Try to hand out the candy on your own. Ask the children who ring your doorbell to wait. Thus, you’ll be able to stop pulling out handfuls of candy from the bucket.

5. Consider trick-or-treat locally

If you have a limited budget for the Halloween, then try to limit the trick-or-treat. Consider your local area instead of visiting a mall for trick-or-treat. Visit the houses that are nearby your home.

6. Rent a popcorn machine to ditch candy

Ask your neighbors to contribute money to rent a popcorn machine for offering popcorns to the kids instead of candy. Sharing the rental cost will be much less than buying candy in bulk. Maybe the kids will enjoy a bag of fresh popcorn than candy.

Save money on costumes

1. Plan ahead

You need to plan early and decide what your child wants in a costume to enjoy the scary day. Planning ahead will allow you to get the items at the best price as well.

2. Consider comparison shopping

If you want to save money on Halloween shopping, then you have to compare the price before buying the item. Browse the store’s website to compare the prices. You may find more varieties than the physical store.

3. Ask your relatives or neighbors to swap

Swapping is one of the most effective ways to save money on a Halloween costume. Ask the relatives and neighbors for swapping the costume. Thus, you'll be able to get costumes in a variety of sizes as well.

4. Go for DIY

Making a Halloween costume of your own can significantly lower your expenses. Search on the Internet to find out the tutorials about making DIY Halloween costumes. Pinterest boards can be a good platform for plenty of DIY ideas. So, give a shot to your inner creativity to save some extra bucks.

5. Prioritize the used items

You won’t wear the Halloween costume on a normal day. So, there is no meaning of spending thousand of bucks on a Halloween dress. So, it’s definitely an intelligent idea to buy gently used items from consignment store to save more.

6. Keep your eyes on sales

Before the Halloween Day, many stores offer huge discounts on costumes, masks or other Halloween supplies. So, try to catch the sales to save a lot of money for buying other necessary Halloween stuff.

7. Do recycle the items

If you reduce the expenses of your next Halloween, then try to keep the stuff safely for the next year. Remember, recycling is the best way to reduce extra cost. In this way, you’re actually helping the mother earth.

Final words

Who wouldn’t want the best Halloween dress for their kids, but you have to think about your budget before buying the pricey costume hanging in the store. You shouldn't have to break your budget to make your kids happy. Remember, Halloween is a fun time to dress up, to eat candy and have some spooky experience. But the real scary factor is the expenses, which you need to control. So, plan ahead to enjoy a hassle-free festive season.

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