5 Financial tips for the second week of December 2013

By: on 2013-12-15
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Check out the 5 financial tips for the second week of December 2013.

Tip no 1: Send e-Cards to a limited group of friends to save money on Christmas cards.

Christmas is the time to share love and happiness. It is the time to send cards to near and dear ones. However, the postal charges have increased over the years and this is why it is important to send Christmas cards to people who really matter to you. Your mailing list must have increased over the years, but are you in touch with all of them? There will be some people with whom you haven't talked in the last few years. Strike out the names of the persons with whom you haven't exchanged any words for several years. Send e-Cards to people who hold an important place in your heart. Send e-Cards to them at free of cost and share happiness this Christmas.

Tip no 2: Do little jobs during the holidays and get paid. Use the money to enjoy the festive season.

Watch out for the small jobs on Craiglist. Look for the jobs that you can easily do. The best part of these jobs is that you can get paid soon after completing the job. There are various types of small jobs that get listed in Craiglist. For instance, cleaning homes and driving cars. Just choose a job that you want to do and make money.

If you need money this Christmas, then don't borrow money from your friends or parents. Don't borrow from a payday loan lender either. Just do a few small jobs, earn dollars and buy whatever your heart desires.

Tip no 3: Save for retirement even if that means you'll get out of debt after a long period of time.

Most of the young professionals think that it is better to pay off debt rather than saving for retirement. They prefer to be debt free before directing their money towards the 401(k) account. However, the financial advisors don't appreciate this attitude of the young professionals. This is because young professionals are losing opportunities to shovel free money towards retirement. They opine that if employers give a 401(k) contribution match, then young professionals should take advantage of it. At the end of the day, nobody will take the responsibility to take care of the retirement life of the young professionals. They themselves have to take care of the golden years of their life.

Tip no 4: Ask questions to yourself and the borrower when it comes to lending to family and friends. Keep your family and financial life secure.

Don't make a hasty decision when your friend or a family member asks you to lend money. Ask yourself if you really can afford to lend money. Secondly, ask yourself if you really expect to be paid back. If you really need the money but you know fully well that your friend can't repay the loan, the it's best to not lend money. On the other hand, if you can afford to lose money, then offer the loan as a gift to your friend.

Ask questions to your friend as to why he actually needs the money. Ask about his financial problems and try offer an alternative solution as well. Don't forget to ask about the repayment schedule as well.

Tip no 5: Spread love and happiness during the festive season without adding to your holiday stress. Spend wisely and give nice gifts to win hearts in Christmas.

Christmas is the time for love and laughter. It's the time when kids eagerly wait for their favorite Santa Claus. It's also the time when you can bring a smile on the face of a person without adding more stress into your life. Plan ahead so that you can spread happiness amongst your loved ones within your budget. Surf the Internet so that you can get some budget-friendly ideas to celebrate Christmas. Your motto should be enjoy Christmas without getting into January debt.

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