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5 Financial tips for the last week of December 2013

Check out the 5 financial tips for the last week of December 2013.

Tip no 1: Make a festive gingerbread house for your friend this Christmas. Hide a gift card inside it to surprise your buddy.

Do you think that your gift card is too impersonal? Are you feeling shy to give it to your friend this Christmas? Well, if you can package the card well, then it may end up becoming the most exciting Christmas gift for your friend. Make a nice festive gingerbread house for your friend. Keep the gift card inside the gingerbread house. Your friend will be surprised to find the gift inside the gingerbread house. If you want to excite your friend even more, then you can even hide something else inside it.

Tip no 2: If you hate crowd and stress, then what you need to do is, contact online retailers in this Christmas.

You can easily avoid crowd and stress by shopping online. Everyone wants to buy gifts for their near and dear ones for Christmas. Moreover, retailers come up with lucrative deals during this time to attract customers. So, it is but quite obvious that all the stores will be crowded during this time.

If you want to shop without any hustle and bustle, then shop online. You can shop all that you need within a few clicks. Online retailers know that customers want to get their items quickly. So, most of the online retailers are making sure you get the items within 24-48 hours.

Tip no 3: Start planning for the next Christmas from now on. Time passes quickly and money goes away fast.

Christmas parties and celebrations are over now. So, shopping for the next Christmas party must be the last thing on your mind right now. However, this is a good time to start stocking materials that you'll need to organize a party in 2014. You must have realized what went wrong and right in your Christmas party. Make a list of "to do" and "not to do" things in a piece of paper. Secondly, keep a few things from this year's Christmas party. You can use those items for your next year party.

Tip no 4: You can never be rich if you spend too much and save too little. Change your bad habits if you really want to be wealthy in 2014.

Savings should be given priority so as to build wealth. You can initiate the saving process by creating an emergency fund. Decide an amount that you want to keep in the emergency fund every month. Once you have saved a certain amount in the emergency fund, you can start paying down your bills.

You've to stop wasting money in 2014. Forget about what you've done in 2013. Focus on the new year and resolute to stay within your means. Keep a tab on when and where you spend money. Create a budget so that you can allocate money towards your various expenses without using your your entire paycheck.

Tip no 5: Don't forget January when you're engrossed in celebrating Christmas with Santa Claus. Save money for all the holiday bills will arrive in the next month.

Who doesn't want to enjoy in the festive season? Everyone does and there's no harm in enjoying the festive season with full fervor. You just have to be little careful about your finances too. Just taking care of the simple financial issues will do. For instance, pay your current bills on time.

Don't forget the things you've purchased with your credit cards. The bills are likely to arrive in the next month. If you're not careful and buy all the things that catch your attention, then very soon you would end paying a hefty amount in January 2014.

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