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The 5 financial tips for the 3rd week of February 2013 are given below:

Tip no 1: Be it your personal or professional life, everything comes down to money. So earn dollars.

Money matters in life. If you don't have money, then the society or your relatives won't give you much importance. Some relatives may not even keep any relation with you. You'll feel awkward to attend weddings and family gatherings also. On the other hand, you enter into a professional life to make money. You work hard for several hours at your office to earn dollars. If you don't get due recognition and promotion at your office, then you won't feel like working. You'll lose the zest to work and shine in life.

Make it a point to make money in life. Money won't help you buy happiness. However, it'll certainly help you have a good social standing.

Tip no 2: Avoid friends and relatives who love you because of your money.

There will be some people in your friend circle and family, who only care about your money. They don't care about you. All they are concerned about is your money. If these people fall into a debt trap, they’ll not hesitate to borrow money from you. However, if you get financially distressed, they will never help you. They'll come up with various excuses. Some of them won't even keep any contact with you. Make sure you avoid these kinds of people. You may not be able to avoid the relatives, but you can certainly keep an extremely formal relation with them.

Tip no 3: Lender becomes your master as you borrow money. So avoid debt to be an independent person.

As soon as you borrow money from a lender, you become financially obligated to him. You've to change your lifestyle according to the lender's directive. For instance: you borrow $2000 from a lender. You sign an agreement and start making monthly payments to the lender. You have to come up with the monthly payments by all means. You change your spending habit to make the payments. You can't use your money at your free will. Basically, you don't have any independent life at all.

Try to not borrow money from lenders. If you want to buy something, then have patience till you get the money through your own hard work.

Tip no 4: Attitude makes all the difference. So change your attitude to have a successful career and family life.

Wrong or negative attitude towards life will prevent you from having a successful career and family life. You'll never get peace. So, have a positive outlook towards your professional and family life. Take initiative to bring a positive change in your career. Complete your projects within the deadline. Work sincerely in your office to succeed in your professional life. On the other hands, spend quality time with your family. Help your children with their studies. Take some added responsibilities in your family. You've to keep a balance between your professional and personal life. This is the secret to a peaceful life.

Tip no 5: Nothing beats the joy of becoming a father of a successful man. Teach good credit tips to help your son succeed in life.

Nothing beats the joy of seeing your son climb the ladder to success in life. You feel happy and satisfied. In fact, you can leave this world at peace when your son is well settled in life. However, the journey to a successful life is not short and without any troubles. Your son has to tread carefully. It's your duty to help your son to complete the journey with success.

Teach good credit tips and strategies to your son. Make him understand how he can avoid facing credit mishaps. Help him to handle his credit life carefully.

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