Financial tips for the second week of March 2013

By: on 2013-03-17
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If you do want to know about the financial tips for the second week of March 2013, then go through the following lines.

Tip no 1: It is absolutely fine to give up an hour of sleep if you can save dollars.

It doesn't matter if you wake up an hour early as long as you can save dollars. The daylight saving time kick starts on 10th March 2013 at 2am. People will set their clock at 3am as soon as the clock strikes 2am.

It is said that the daylight saving time will help people reduce energy consumption. People will use less electricity and consequently save money. So, even if you lose one-hour sleep due to daylight saving strategy, you'll ultimately win in the long run. You'll save both the Mother Nature and your hard earned dollars.

Tip no 2: Identify your biggest financial enemies and combat with them to sleep peacefully.

You can't lead a healthy and normal financial life unless you know who are your financial enemies. Keep it in mind that your biggest enemies will try to harm your financial life. Unless you fight with your financial enemies and beat them, your life would never be peaceful.

For instance: you have taken out some payday loans in the past. You might have actually forgotten about the loans altogether. However, these loans won't allow you to sleep peacefully. These high interest rate loans will deplete your cash-reserve gradually. Unless, you pay off these payday loans completely, you won’t be able to lead a comfortable financial life.

Tip no 3: Debt collectors don't have super human powers. So instead of being scared, negotiate with them tactfully.

Don't get petrified when you receive a notice from a debt collection agency. A debt collector has only been trained to collect debts from the people. He doesn't have any super human power to affect you. If you follow the rules properly, then a debt collector can't harm you in any way.

Instead of getting terrified and scared of the debt collector, talk politely and don't reveal too much information. Negotiate tactfully with the debt collector and settle a valid debt as soon as possible. In addition to that, go through the debt collection laws in order to protect yourself from aggressive collection tactics.

Tip no 4: Don't overspend just to impress people. They won't be there when you're in trouble. Take a stand.

Don't spend more than your affordability for the sake of impressing your girl friend or relative. Don’t buy a lavish gift just to create a good impression upon your girl friend. Remember, if you fail to pay the bill and become a broke later, then your girlfriend will have a bad impression upon you.

Buy what you can afford. If you can afford to give only a small gift to your girlfriend, then don’t bother to buy an expensive gift. There is simply no point in giving a lavish gift to your girl friend and face severe financial problems later.

Tip no 5: Learn from your mistakes. Or else, keep on repeating them to permanently sabotage your financial life.

If you don’t learn from your financial mistakes, then chances are high that you’ll keep on repeating those mistakes in future also. These mistakes will create an irrevocable damage to your financial house.

For example: you have entered into a debt trap in the past due to your poor spending behavior. You have come out of the debt ditch after holding the hands of a credit counselor. Once you come out of the debt ditch, you start splurging like before. You start spending more than your income and very soon you enter into a debt problem again. This time your problem is severe and even a renowned credit counselor can't help you out.

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