5 Financial tips for the third week of November 2013

By: on 2013-11-29
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Check out the 5 financial tips for the third week of November 2013.
Tip#1 Who said you can't make money while getting entertained? Attend movie premieres, catch a glimpse of the stars and make money.

It is true that you can make money by attending movie premieres and at the same time you can spend an evening watching movies. The theaters and movie studios are keen to collect data from the audience who attends the movie premiere. You get paid for providing information like how many people attended opening day, what screening time is popular and what reviews are being showed.

Tip#2 Sit together with your spouse and formulate a budget that you will be able to follow after meeting your necessities

Both the spouses should have their inputs in formulating a stringent budget plan. If a budget plan is forced on the family, then it may not prove to be successful for their financial situation. So, you and your spouse should sit down and discuss your financial goals. Make sure you decide in advance how you both want to use your money. Analyze your joint or separate bank accounts, cash or credit card spending, and frugal or extravagant spending habits, before planning a family budget.

Tip#3 Is it possible to save money on fuel? You can save by carpooling, combining trips and taking the first parking spot you find.

You can save on fuel if you combine errands into one trip, as you drive fewer miles and it helps to use less fuel. You car may consume more fuel because of several short trips taken from a cold start than when the engine is warmed up and efficient. You can save on fuel if you use your car’s overdrive gear to reduce engine speed and it enables you to save gas and lower engine wear.

Tip#4 Be ready to compromise and adjust when you're in debt. Otherwise, you won't be able to solve your debt problems.

If you can adjust your financial attitude, then it can be easier to come out of the debt trap. Well, the first step of getting out of debt is by acknowledging the problem. You’re required to exercise financial discipline and make necessary adjustments when you’re in debt. You can never solve your financial complexities if you don’t compromise and adjust with your spending habits.

Tip#5 Try to develop a pattern for financial responsibility to ensure that your loan gets paid off immediately

You can develop a pattern for financial responsibility as it can help you pay off the loan on time. It’s important to pen down your short and long term goal and save money according to your financial goal. Try to pay off your high interest credit card balance first to attain financial freedom with ease. Make sure you cut back on your expenses and keep tracking your monthly expenses until you feel you can control it.

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