Save money on car maintenance with the 3 smart tips

By: on 2013-01-09
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Car maintenance has become very expensive nowadays. As the market has been flooded with the technologically advanced cars, it has become quite costly to keep your car sleek and shiny. You need professional help to make a major repair in your car. However, there are some tasks which you can easily do yourself. Read along to know about some tips that can help to keep your car in its top form and save money.

DIY tips to maintain your car at a low cost

Here are the 3 pocket-friendly tips which can help you maintain your car.

1. Clean the wipers: Wiper blades are extremely important. They help you drive safely during the thunder showers. However, these blades last for a very short period of time. You can use a wiper blade for around 180 days. If you want your wiper blades to last a little longer, then you've to maintain them properly. Take a paper towel and dab it to liquid soap. You can also use a glass cleaner for this purpose. Rub the towel over the wiper blades till they are completely clean.

2. Clean your car: You bath everyday to keep yourself clean and fresh. Just think about the poor car which gets dirty while taking you from home to your office. The car can't clean itself automatically. As a result, dust and dirt accumulate when it takes you to the departmental stores, gym and club on various days of the week. The real color of the car gets hidden by the layers and layers of dirt.

If you care for your car and want to protect its color, then clean it at least once a week. You can easily do this during the weekends. Remove the corrosive chemicals which can decay your car slowly. Watch the various parts of the car minutely. See, if there are scratches in the car. Apply car wax at regular intervals or once in 30 months. You can use spray wax if required.

3. Use a restoration kit: The plastic covers that you have over your head lights can become obscure after a certain days. These head lights are exposed to the air pollutants, dust and dirt all the time. You may have to change the headlight after driving your car for a certain period of time. Use restoration kit which comprises of rough cloth and little liquid. This may help to preserve your car’s head lights.

Touch-up paints can help you save dollars in the long run. You can easily find out the scratches on your car while cleaning it. Apply paint on those scratches carefully. You can get touch-up paints from the car dealers. You'll get a brush in the bottle of the paint only. Just keep it in mind that you'll have to buy the color which matches your car. You can't apply a green paint on a red sports car. It will just ruin the look of your car. Once the paint gets dried, wait for 2 days and polish your car.

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