5 Financial tips for the 3rd week of September 2011

By: on 2013-01-14
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Check out the 5 financial tips for the 3rd week of September 2011:

Tip no 1 - Live within your budget so that you can manage your expenses and save a considerable amount.

Budget planning is not a painstaking process. You can craft a budget with a pen and paper. If you are tech-savvy, then you can also use the personal budgeting software to plan a budget. The difficult part is to maintain and stay within your the budget.

For example, your monthly budget for grocery shopping is $250. You need to complete your shopping within this amount. If you end up spending $400 on your groceries, then you are wasting $150 by the end of the month. Sort out the necessary items and purchase them. Avoid purchasing the items that you can do without.

Tip no 2 - Know the basics of forex trading before investing your money in this trade so as to earn good revenue out of it.

Currency or forex market is volatile in nature. Learn the basics from a seasoned trader or an experienced broker prior to investing your hard earned dollars. If you don't know the basics, then there is a high chance of making costly mistakes. You may end up wasting a lot of money and get into debt problems.

Acquire knowledge on the key terms of forex trading. Know how the market works. Research on the web and get acquainted with the smart forex trading tips. Use these tips while investing in currency market to reap profits.

Tip no 3 - Check out any leakage that may have been caused within your car pipes.

Find out if there is any leak any your car pipe. If there is any leak in your car pipe, then all the gas or fuel will go out. You'll not even know about it. For instance, you have refilled your car last week. You or your family members have not used the car through out the week. You decide to use the car this week. You drive to your office on Monday. However, you car does not start on Tuesday. You find that there is no fuel in the car.

To avoid such a predicament, check your car pipe from time to time. Repair the pipe if there is any leak.

Tip no 4 - Scan your cupboards, pantry and fridge before hitting the store.

Many a times, people return from the departmental store only to find that they have purchased some unnecessary items. For instance, Mr A goes to store and buys a bottle of tomato ketchup. He returns home and puts the bottle in the fridge. To his utter dismay, he finds that there is a bottle of tomato ketchup in the fridge already.

Have a look at the cupboards and pantry before rushing to the store for your grocery shopping. Check out the items that are there in your freezer. Note the items in the cupboards and fridge before leaving your home. Make a list of the items that you actually require and purchase them from the store.

Tip no 5 - Be patient when your insurance claim goes through an investigator.

You should not expect to get money within a few days of filing insurance claim. It takes a lot of days to complete the whole process. Once you have filed and submitted the claim, the insurance company assigns the case to the investigator, better known as appraiser. He will assess your claim and start investigating the incident that forced you to file insurance claim. He will collect information on the incident and find out the amount your insurer is liable to pay. If the appraiser is not able to decide anything, then he may even seek advice from insurance examiner. This may take another couple of days.

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