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5 Financial tips for the last week of September

Have a look at the 5 financial tips for the last week of September 2011:

Tip no 1 - Don't apply for unemployment benefits if you leave a job on your own.

Unemployment benefits are primarily available to the people who are without any job. People who have lost their job without any fault of their own are eligible for these benefits. If you have resigned from your job without any genuine reason, then you’ll not qualify for this benefit. However, if you have been forced to leave a job due to some unavoidable reason, then you may be eligible for these benefits. Moreover, you may also not qualify for the unemployed benefits if you have left your job due to illness.

Tip no 2 - Shop for your life insurance when you are young and healthy. Purchasing life insurance policies when you are young and healthy can enable you to get low premium rates. You are less likely to be attacked by the diseases when you are young and healthy. This in turn means that you are less likely to file an insurance claim soon.

The best time to purchase a life insurance policy is when you are in your 20’s. If your health is in good condition, then the insurance company will offer the policy at the best terms and conditions. Thereby, you’ll be able to save a substantial amount.

Tip no 3 - Invest in annuities rather than simply going for 401K retirement funds. You can invest in annuities for securing your retirement years. However, before investing in annuities, you should keep certain points in mind. You should calculate the amount you can invest in annuities. Find out if you can afford to make a lump sum payment over a certain period of time. It is better to invest in annuities only when you don’t need the money till 59 ½ years. Analyze the different types of annuities and invest your money in the one which is suitable to you.

Tip no 4 - Understand the importance of money and spend it only when needed. Realize the value of money and spend it accordingly. Money does not come easy. You have to work hard for earning dollars. Remember you get your paycheck only after working a certain number of hours in office. Spend money only when it is required. If you spend all your money without thinking even twice, then you’ll get into severe financial crisis very soon. You’ll be knee deep in debt. Creditors will haunt you for payments every day. If you have no money and are unable to payback the creditors, then they may even sue you.

Tip no 5 - Purchase adequate insurance policy to get the required coverage. You should purchase adequate insurance policy for obtaining required coverage. For example, if you want to protect yourself against the financial losses incurred due to a car accident, then you need to purchase a car insurance policy. If you purchase a home insurance policy or a flood insurance policy, then it will not financially compensate you in the event of car accident. Similarly, if you expect that a disability insurance policy will pay you money for repairing your home after it has been damaged due to an earthquake, then you are wrong. You’ll have to purchase an earthquake insurance policy for it.

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