5 Financial tips for the third week of September 2013

By: on 2013-09-22
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Check out the 5 financial tips for the third week of September 2013 to progress in your financial life.

Tip no 1: If you sit quietly and think everything will be fine, then you're wrong. Nothing will change if you don't make the required changes in your financial life.

If you're assuming that your financial life will improve without taking any steps, then you're dead wrong. You have to take charge and make certain changes in your lifestyle to improve your financial life. For instance, if debts are creating turmoil in your life, then you can't expect that the issues will be resolved without taking any action. You'll have to contact your creditors and pay off your debts in order to get a firm grip upon your finances. If you just sit back and hope that all of your debts will be paid off without making any effort, then you're just inviting serious troubles in life.

Tip no 2: It is a myth that you can't live without debts. You can live and enjoy life provided you follow the basic financial principles.

Debt is like a product that has been sold to consumers several times. In fact, this particular product has been sold so many times to the consumers that they believe that it is impossible to stay without debt. This is not the actual truth. You can live a life without loans and payments. This is not easy considering the cost of living is increasing day by day. However, if you're able to restrict yourself from indulging into temptations and then it won't be impossible to live a life without depending upon the lines of credit. Some of the basic financial principles include saving, budgeting, investing, frugal shopping, etc.

Tip no 3: You're surrounded by both negative and positive people. Pay heed to what the positive people say and shield yourself from negative influences.

You'll meet 2 kinds of people in life - positive minded and negative minded. You'll have to interact with them every day. You'll get lots of suggestions from these people. You don't need to act as per the suggestions of all the people. In fact what you need to do is accept the suggestions given by the positive minded people and discard the ones given by the pessimistic people. Optimistic people will always encourage you to fight with the problems in your financial life. On the other hand, pessimistic people will only point out the flaws in your life. They would dissuade you from fighting with your problems.

Tip no 4: Choose the right place to store money for the rainy day. Don't keep it in shoe-box for you can access it easily.

Don't store money in your shoe-box to save for the rainy days. You can access the money quite easily. In other words, you'll be tempted to spend the money frequently. For instance, you may get tempted to use the money for investing in a stock market. You may also feel like spending the money for purchasing a laptop just before quitting the job. Well, you can certainly spend the money as per your wish. However, you would fail to fulfill your main goal in the process. You won't be able to save any money for the rainy days. This means you won't have any money for a sudden car repair.

Tip no 5: Don't overeat and overspend on food in college. The idea is to stay physically and financially fit.

Most students tend to overeat and overspend during the first few semesters. Most universities offer buffet meal plans to students. This type of meal plan actually induces students to overeat. Students opting for the big meal plans tend to eat as much as possible to recover their money. They don't even skip a single meal and eat as much as possible.

If you're really concerned about your wallet and waistline, then plan your eating schedule properly. Opt for a plan where you'll be charged for what you consume instead of the maximum number of meals you can have. You can even opt for the small meal plans so that it will be easy to reduce expenses and save money.

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