5 Financial tips for the last week of September 2013

By: on 2013-09-30
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Financial tips comes handy when you wish to accumulate wealth and avoid debt. Here are the 5 money tips that you can use to make your financial future bright and secure.

Tip no 1: Listen to what smart people have to say about money, but don't decide anything based upon their suggestions.

Don't think that smart people always make wise financial decisions. They are human and bound to make mistakes. Listen to what they are saying about money matters, but don't make a decision promptly. If they are wrong, then you can't just accuse them. You'll be held responsible for your own fate. If you like their suggestion, then then think if it would be wise to implement it in your life. For instance, if they're saying that it is the best time to invest in stock market, then find out if you can afford to make an investment at this stage. If you don't have spare cash to take upon an additional financial responsibility, then its best to not invest in stock market.

Tip no 2: Couples need to trust, support, cooperate and depend upon each other for having a successful married life.

Couples needs to co-operate with each other in order to ensure a blissful married life. They need to trust each other regarding money matters. Baseless suspicions will only ruin the joys of married life. Couples would end up fighting with each other. They would not be able to achieve their financial goals in any way.

The secret to a sweet and happy married life is to work-together with trust and care. They need to support each other during the rough and happy time. They need to chalk out a financial plan and follow it together to fulfill their dreams.

Tip no 3: Keep a close watch on the air fare after you've purchased air tickets. You might get good rebates.

It is not that you should check out the air fares only before buying a ticket. Keep a tab on the air fare even after purchasing a ticket. This is because several online travel agencies offer discounts in form of vouchers and travel credits when the ticket price falls below what you've spent. There are various websites that send you notifications whenever the ticket price falls. Remember, you may have to pay a fee to re-book a ticket. Check out the fee amount carefully. If it is more than than the discount amount or percentage, then its best to not re-book your ticket.

Tip no 4: Decide if you want to be a doting dad or a frugal dad. Learn to strike a balance between the two things if you want to be the best dad.

If you want to be the best dad in the world, then you need to raise your child with love, care and affection. You need to teach the values of life and money lessons to your child. This means you need to take care of all his/her needs with love but without wasting any money. If your child wants something from a shop which is absolutely unnecessary, then avoid buying it smartly. The day you learn the trick of keeping your child happy and merry without splurging is the day when you'll take one step ahead in claiming the title of being the "best dad in the world".

Tip no 5: Use credit cards for the right reasons. Don't let yourself cross the credit limit. Your score will drop.

Credit cards make you life convenient for various reasons. Firstly, you can buy stuffs even when there is no cash in your wallet. Secondly, you can do financial transactions in a foreign country without any hassle. Thirdly, you can build credit which in turn will help to stabilize your financial life. However, if you're not conscious and use credit cards for all the wrong reasons, then your financial life can be in a big mess.

Don't carry a huge credit-utilization ratio for it will drop your score. Keep your utilization ratio below 30 percent or else be prepared to see a big drop in your score.

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