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Want to tackle a side gig

It’s pretty good to have more than one or two jobs in your career portfolio, these days.

With the rise in inflation, the increasing number of credit accounts, and obviously medical costs, only one income just doesn’t seem to be quite enough.
When living as couples or partners, there are chances of having two breadwinners in the family. But, when you are struggling alone, or you’re a single parent, then you yourself need to make ways for multiple jobs, at the same time.
Yet, it’s very easy to say ‘multiple jobs’, just for the sake of saying it. In reality it can turn out a big mess, if you are not able to sync and manage multiple job loads the right way.
It’s complicated to say, what multiple jobs can mean. It can either mean living your life to the fullest, without wasting any time or resources.
Or, it can mean a forceful imposition of several workloads for making your bread a little tastier and the bed a little cosier, after a hard day’s night!

So, here you go then.
Believe, once you are done reading this post, you should be able to compose an appropriate multiple job profile, without losing the bliss and peace of your personal life.

One job is for money, the others are what you love to do:

That my friend, is the only possible solution for living a well blended life of side hustles.
There is your central money making job. One that provides you with funding and resources to sustain the normal livelihood. That’s the basis!
The others will also make you good amount of money, but these jobs will be triggered more by your hobbies, passions, and all that you love doing!
If you do, what you love to do, then that’s no work for you. It’s nothing less than spending your ‘leisure time’, ‘fun time’, or ‘me time’.
You love to teach? Offer private tuitions!
You want to do music and set up your own record label? Do that!
Love kids? Then babysit!
Enjoy cooking and inviting people to taste your culinary expertise? Start your own small cafe outlet!
Having plans for investments? Then spend your spare times informing yourself about the stock market, shares, bonds, index funds, and so on.
No doubt, any side hustle you do, will be earning you money. You need to understand that even though money is the priority, still it is not the first priority, when it comes to secondary jobs or side gigs. Self satisfaction is what really counts!

Have your own personalized scheduling of job timings:

No person can help you more to arrange your work profile, than yourself.
And, ‘Time’ is the biggest factor in balancing all the work you do. So, you need to allot specific amounts of time, to each of of job profile. Also, make sure that this time allotment is based on the priority of the job.
The more a job brings income, more will be its priority.
Hence, if you are already having your primary day time job, then you should give it the maximum time and priority.
All other jobs will come in secondary position, where no overlapping of job schedules are taking place.
Thus, let’s assume an example. If on top of the day time job, you are interested in providing students with private tuitions, then you can take care of that in the evening, after returning home from work.
Again, if you want to do serious babysitting too, then you can do so in the weekend!
To keep in mind, you have 7 days a week. And, you have to divide your work schedules accordingly.

Deal with one work load at a time:

Don’t pressurize or overcrowd yourself with thoughts or work load from another job, while doing one job.
Multiple side hustles require you to have a patient mind and a clear head. You cannot afford to hamper one job because of the work tensions from the other.
There’s no room for carrying one work pressure to another. Once the scheduled time for a job is over, that chapter is closed, till you hit it again next day or next time.
One job’s done for the day! Wrap it up for good! No thinking, brainstorming, or overexposing yourself to only one kind of workload!

Maintain both your physical and mental health:

When working multiple jobs, you should exercise a bit, and have a good fitness regime.
If you are not fit from the inside out, you won’t be able to handle the stress or the strenuous work pressure.
You need to be energetic and be all time ready to take up new challenges.
Remember, that you are shifting the boundaries a bit higher, with multiple work load. It means, you have to have the adequate strength for pushing your limits.

Therefore, be strong and keep up the good work. The more you work, more shall you be respected as a proficient human being. And, the faster you will achieve financial independence, and attain FIRE!

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