FFB: Stresses on being on the same financial page with spouse

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Ask Jason
FFB: Stresses on being on the same financial page with spouse
FFB: Stresses on being on the same financial page with spouse

He has got great passion for personal finance, he has done lots of research in getting out of debt, he took it as a mission and finally conquered it. He believes his biggest financial mistake was to get over his head in credit card debt and not saving enough for future. Loves his wife a lot who has always helped him in managing his finances. Come lets meet him, none other than FFB that is Free From Broke

Jason: From where did you get the idea of blogging?
FFB: This time two years ago I might have heard about blogging in passing but I thought it was more of an online journal. One day while surfing I came across the site Zen Habits which led me to Get Rich Slowly. I started to read the stuff on GRS and I realized that these were issues that were on my mind that I had been researching in getting rid of my debt and trying to build up savings. Full of hubris, I told myself that I could write a site like that too (of course I didn't realize how much work it was). In October 2007 I started Free From Broke A Personal Finance Blog for Regular Folks on Blogger.

Jason: There are so many topics on which you can blog. But why Personal Finance?
FFB: I guess I could have started out on something else but personal finance had been an interest for me for years as I was working to get out of debt. I felt it was the subject I knew best and it was also something I had been actively looking into as well. Granted, I'm no financial expert but I thought I could contribute to the field with what I've read and experienced (I've been thousands in credit card debt).

Jason: How long do you think this current economic situation will last and what 3 best advices you would like to give to the people in this economic recession?
FFB: How long will it last? If I knew I think I'd be so ahead of the curve. This current economy keeps throwing out surprises. Seems there are very few "financial experts" that had a real idea of the scope of the issue. As for advice, do what you can to keep your job! Make yourself an asset to your company. And get references just in case. Build up your emergency funds. Three to six months may not be enough these days. It's tough saving sometimes but a good emergency cushion can keep a bad situation from getting worse if you are laid off. Lastly, if you have debt do what you can to curb your spending and start paying the debt back. This could be a tough lifestyle change but it will pay off in the long run!

Jason: What is the significance of "Free From Broke"?
FFB: I was trying to come up with with a good site name that would express a bit of how I felt about personal finances and debt. Not sure if I succeeded but I think it's catchy. What do you think?

Jason: We saw that you have huge number of networking with other finance bloggers. Do you think this networking is necessary to survive in the finance blogging industry?
FFB: If you write really good content then perhaps you don't need it as much. I think it really helps though! There aren't any secrets or anything but having the experience of other people to help you and bounce ideas off of is such a great resource. And it doesn't just apply to blogging. If you're trying to get out of debt, having a support group of people with similar experiences can be such a help. And you know what? The blogging world is full of such great people who are friendly and are willing to answer questions and help you out! I've made some wonderful blogging friends.

Jason: What are the three biggest finance mistakes you have ever made?
FFB: First, getting myself over my head in credit card debt! That was a mistake that took years to correct. Second, not saving enough. Third, not having a clear cut picture of a career throughout college. Not that I needed to know what I wanted to do as a freshman, I just needed to commit to one area. No regrets though! I probably wouldn't be doing this interview if it weren't for those life experiences.

Jason: Where do you see yourself in 10 years down the lane?
FFB: Stop trying to age me before my time! Haha. I see living with my family in a nice, warm home. Building up a professional career or my own business venture as well.

Jason: What was your best personal finance decisions?
FFB: Marrying my wife (go ahead say "awww" you know you want to). The two of us fit so well together and we do a great job complementing each other's financial ideas and goals. She's so good at organizing and keeping track of our budget as well as motivating me. Second would be making the realization that I had to do something about my financial situation. My debts wouldn't go away by themselves and I had to take action to start eliminating my debt.

Jason: Do you think blogging has changed your life in some way or the other?
FFB: Absolutely! I've learned so much in my short blogging career. Earlier on you asked about networking. I was never too good at this. Can't say I'm that great now either. But I'm getting better and I'm realizing how important it is to reach out to others and that it's ok to ask for help every now and then. No one has all of the answers but when you network you can bounce questions off of each other. I'm also learning to take more chances as well. It's ok to fail so long as you learn from your mistakes. But at the same time you have to take those chances otherwise you over analyze and nothing gets done.

Jason: What would you tell those people that might be thinking of starting a personal finance blog of their own?
FFB: You first have to ask yourself why you want to do it! If you think you are going to join those few sites that make a living out of it then you may be mistaken. You better love writing about personal finance and have a passion for the subject. But if you love writing about your experiences and you're interesting in the subject and you really want to blog then jump right in. This is such a new medium. There's room for us all.

Jason: How do you feel by becoming the part of world's largest Debt Free Community now?
FFB: Wow, when you say it like that it sounds really awesome! This is one of the great benefits of blogging about personal finance - you get to help some people help themselves get out of debt. If one person reads my articles and it helps them with their personal finances then I've done a lot. To be part of a community that does the same is really an honor.

So what do you think about the blog title of freefrombroke? Do you really think it is catchy? Do not forget to post your valuable comments here.

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