Interview of Single Guy Money: Became a financial blogger after paying back $40,000

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Interview of Single Guy Money: Became a financial blogger after paying back $40,000
Interview of Single Guy Money: Became a financial blogger after paying back $40,000
Aiming to have a healthy six figure bank account balance, Single Guy Money was successful in paying his $ 40,000 debt of his car loans and credit cards. A man with a dream of living a non-mortgage debt life by the end of 2010. Let us read his views about his journey as a finance blogger from the interview below.

Jason: From where did you get the idea of blogging?
SGM: I happened to be searching for personal finance information and ran across a personal finance blog that had been around for a few years. I spent hours one night reading the entire blog and I was intrigued by the idea of anonymously posting my personal finance information for everyone else to see and maybe gain something that would help them with their own personal finance.

Jason: There are so many topics on which you can blog. But why Personal Finance?
SGM: Personal finance has always been my passion. I used to sit down with my grandfather and watch him write out the checks to pay the bills. He always told me it was important to pay out less money than you are bringing in.

Jason: What do you do in real life and how’d you get started?
SGM: In real life, I work for a large insurance company in the claims department. I've been with the company over 8 years and got the job my attending a job fair. I'd actually never heard of the company and just figured it would be something I could do temporarily until I found a job that I really wanted to do. I hated it for the first year or so and then I got the hang of it and stuck around. It has turned out to be a great company and my salary has more than doubled since I started.

Jason: Your bog’s tagline says, "My goal is to be free of non-mortgage debt by May 2010. " What preparations are you making to achieve this goal and how?
SGM: My plan is to save a large cash cushion to handle any emergencies that may creep up. Once that goal is funded, any extra cash will go towards my student loan. Once my student loan is paid off, the only debt remaining will be the mortgage.

Jason: We noticed that you have made loads of financial mistakes in your life. What are the three biggest finance mistakes you have ever made out of all?
SGM: My three biggest mistakes by far are: buying a new car every couple of years and continuing to accumulate more debt with each purchase, financing my lifestyle during college with credit cards and taking on a lot more student loan debt than I really needed.

Jason: How long do you think this current economic situation will last and what do you think the answer to it is?
SGM: I wish I knew the answer to that. I do think it will not end quickly and may around for the next couple of years. I do think if people had taken more responsibility, we would not be in this situation. If the bank tells you can afford $10 a month and you can only afford $5, you only finance $5.

Jason: Where do you see yourself in 10 years down the lane?
SGM: Ten years from now, I would like to be completely debt free; including mortgages with a nice, healthy six figure bank account balance.

Jason: How do you feel after paying off almost $40,000 of your car loan and credit cards?
SGM: It feels awesome!!! I can sleep better at night and I am no longer worrying about the bills.

Jason: Do you think blogging has changed your life in some way or the other?
SGM: Blogging has changed my financial life tremendously. I now feel accountable to my readers. I know that if I mess up and make a stupid purchase, my readers will let me know. I actually think about and plan for purchases now instead of just going out and buying stuff I don't need.

Jason: What was your best personal finance decision ever made?
SGM: My best personal finance decision was finally paying off my car loan. I not only paid off the current vehicle I was financing but I paid off over 12 years of car loans. I can now use the money I was paying the bank to build my savings account. I now make car payments to myself. When the time comes for my next vehicle, I plan to go in and write a check for the full amount.

Jason: Please advice our readers how to pay off their debts from your past experiences?
SGM: The first and best tip I can give the readers is to be patient and don't give up. You didn't get into debt overnight and it won't be paid off overnight. Every bit of extra money you get, throw it at the debt. Every little bit helps. Adding an additional $10 to your payment will add up eventually and chip away at the debt. Before you know it, you will be done and you can move on to the next debt. Don't try to do it all at one time. As the saying goes, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Jason: How do feel by becoming a part of world’s largest debt consolidation community now?
SGM: I think it is absolutely awesome and I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of it. Debt reduction kicks butt!!!

After reading the interview of Single Guy Money, Do you think he will be able to achieve his goal of living a non-mortgage debt life by the end of 2010. Do not forget to leave your views about Single Guy Money and his interview with us.

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